July Client Of The Month Denise Heslington.

August 15th, 2011 | Posted by Gail in Uncategorized

For the month of July I nominate Denise for my client of the month.
Denise has trained with me for a number of years and she has always loved and taken on many challenges to test her mental and physical strength and endurance all of which she has bounded through to receive ‘the medal.’
In January Denise set about training for her greatest challenge to date of the Edinburgh marathon. Unfortunately she incurred a stress fracture injury half way through her training schedule.Frustrated but never one to be beaten, Denise moved into the pool and used various methods to train without putting pressure on the leg.
The marathon was drawing near and started to look unlikely but Denise wouldn’t make a decision on wether she would be passing this one by.
I set off on my annual break four days before the Edinburgh marathon and received a text from Denise saying she was going to run a few miles of the race what advice did I have!!
Knowing Denise very well I knew that saying put your feet up and watch from the hotel window was never going to be accepted.
So I advised her to treat her leg like a best friend and nurture and listen to the messages it sent out during the jog and stop as soon as discomfort was felt.

On the Sunday of the Marathon whilst enjoying a BBQ with my friends in Greece I received a message from Denise saying Im half way, its niggling a little but I’m going to try and carry on! For the rest of the race we kept in talks and texted exchanging laughs and few comments such as you are going to do it aren’t you you stubborn….person!
It was such an emotional day and I and all my Rhodian friends were relieved and amazed at the challenge Denise had achieved.
So I nominate Denise for her ATOMIC ENERGY! Her drive and commitment to achieve ANYTHING she sets out to do and I look forward to so many more fun challenges with her.

This song is for you Denise!

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