Party Party! Are you excited about starting that pre Christmas diet? Sort your head out – Tips for Successful Weight loss.

November 7th, 2011 | Posted by Gail in Uncategorized

So you woke up this morning after a great weekend ate and drank all you can and lazed in the chair as you knew that today is the first day of your big fat pre Christmas countdown and you have to eat all those bland foods,stand in a corner without a drink at the pub for the next 5 weeks or stay in to avoid temptation.You have decided to take up running as your friend down the road has lost three stone even though you absolutely detest it!

Are you getting excited yet about this new plan? No I thought not you are probably just wondering if you can delay the kick off until tomorrow as by now your friend has texted you to meet for lunch and that sounds much more fun than the run.

If all of the above is how your mind works then this is probably why you are struggling to adopt a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain. Lets get your mind set right first.
Start to understand life’s balance, we fall into behaviour patterns because they feel comfortable and fit into our lifestyle even when they are not necessarily what we really want or good for us.So think about it if you detest eating apples and running do you really think you are going to feel comfortable and enthusiastic for very long?

So to begin a successful lifestyle change you need to find healthy choices that feel comfortable for you.
Eg. For me to start to go to Zumba and eat a high protein diet forever I would miss the runner’s high and would crave other foods. So there is no way I would want to do either as I know I would mentally battle to stay on that diet and regain the weight very quickly creating a Yo Yo effect. Therefore I would not be comfortable with that plan.

So we need to change our behaviour first of all..To make lifestyle changes we have to

Understand what we are doing.

Find other things that make us feel comfortable and know we can have fun following them.

Practise them lots until they feel comfortable.

Small steps = success

Get excited, you have made up your mind you are going to be a better, healthier version of you.. Celebrate..Find an alternative way to celebrate that doesn’t involve food and drink.Think of all the new fun things you are going to find out about yourself and life as you go through this journey to success.

I am going to keep you posted and motivated for a fun festive season, watch out for my regular Party Postings. XX

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