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How has your month kicked off? I hope you had a great bank holiday and enjoyed some of the weekends good weather, maybe you took advantage to get out and exercise in the fresh air ?

It has been a fantastic start to the month of May for me, although a little testing as my April challenge of my 12 challenges in 12 months took a bit of a turn!  In April I signed up for ice dance lessons and I was really enjoying the course then I stayed on the ice just a little too long. If I’m having fun I never know when to stop and nature has a way of telling us!
So this months half marathon challenge saw me running with a distal radius (wrist) fracture.Which fortunately is now well on the mend.

I steadily ran the Lichfield Half Marathon on Sunday for my May challenge, raising funds for the charity called Headway.
It was a great event with fitness stalls also exhibiting, SoSpa had the So Lean And Clean food unit there and the Gravity machines.

Some of my clients joined me, challenging themselves by also running or power walking the 13 miles too and contributed to the fund raising.The more the merrier, where these events are concerned.

The community spirit is what I love about running events.
There is a great buzz when you enter an event, people are excited as many have trained for months to enter and when the big day arrives people are a bundle of adrenaline , excitement and nerves rolled into one ball of energy!
I can highly recommend it.

Maybe you are reading this and thinking ‘I could never run 13 mile, I don’t want to run a marathon etc’ but there are endless choices of challenging events out there right now and you can take your pick on something to have a bash at. Such as cycling, swimming, maybe a team event with friends, or one of the many Moonwalks . There are many events out there and they are FUN!!

Maybe you are thinking, How would I start, how would I fit in all the training? Start by choosing a small challenge, something that you know you can commit your time to. May is the month of many of the race for life 5k/10k walk/jog/run events and they are held all over the UK. Maybe you could even choose to do a couple! Start with a 5k and then work towards a 10k. Its also a great way of seeing a new place.

Once you have committed and signed up for the challenge then pop and buy a sports kit that will help to make training for the event easier . You don’t want to buy new clothing or training shoes too close to the event. Make sure you give the kit a good practice run and find out if your shoes create blisters or your sports top chafe’s you.

Recruit some friends, they don’t have to be your usual ones , I always found this difficult to do with my usual circuit of friends as the timing may not be right for them, so get talking to other people, its a fab way to get to know new people, don’t forget we shouldn’t’t allow ourselves get into a rut, we need to stretch ourselves to build our self confidence.

Go local for a first event then your family and friends can come along to watch and cheer you on. It also helps if you know the area. This keeps pre event nerves down and you can focus on the challenge you have set yourself.

Get some great advice about training for your event.
For example,if your event is running then yes running is the best way forward, HOWEVER if you keep only running without strength/ flexibility training then you can incur injuries. The same applies for other disciplines you choose, always support it with a good strength and flexibility program.

Fund raising can be more time consuming than your fitness training but they do go well together. I know there are people every day asking for sponsorship in your circle of network but set a low target to start. Of course we all want to raise a million for a charity but set a realistic goal so you don’t feel pressurised.  Have a good plan and and ask for low donations . On Facebook I currently have 864 friends on my personal site. If everybody gave a £1 The £500 target I have set for Headway would easily be smashed!

So, are you feeling more confident now? Sometimes you just have to  GO FOR IT! Try it just once and see if you enjoy yourself. Its a fantastic way of keeping you on the health and fitness trail all year, if you set regular challenges .

If you wish for any advice or help . From Monday So Lean And Clean is doing a 21 day special, on diet and training that will help to educate and motivate you to achieve your special fitness event. Sign up and join . Let us know what your event is and you will receive on line tuition within the group to help you smash your event.

Or give me a call and book a consultation for some personal training sessions.

My June challenge is a Lindos Rhodes Fitness Holiday, come and join us. Its not too late we have a group of us leaving on June 11Th.  Take a look at the website link for more fitness events and info



Have a great week and let me know what you have decided to go for !
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