Do You Have A Fitrepreneur Looking After Your Wellbeing?

April 30th, 2015 | Posted by Gail in PT

Can you keep up with life in the fast lane?
Have you taken a look at how life has changed over the last 3 years?

Working with a cross section of the population I have seen that people are working harder , more hours , extended to hospitality events over the weekends, late night meetings, earlier morning calls to make.

Stress levels are increasing , more people are suffering with depression and struggling to cope with life demands and complete all the work tasks.

Taking on the equivalent of what would have been three peoples jobs, 3 years ago as the number of staff is cut in companies.

Never has trying to stay healthy been more challenging or more important or else ..

Does this sound like YOU?

I really do understand when a client sits down and says “But I don’t get time for anything outside of work except sleep” .
You see not only has your industry changed but the fitness industry too has adapted in our approach to keeping you healthy .

All the time whilst you have your head buried in your work , good Fitrepreneurs have evolved to accommodate external environmental changes.

Make sure you have a fitrepreneur looking after your health and stress levels.

Q.How ?

A. Digital weight loss/lifestyle programs.
Can’t make the gym? No problem , daily workouts via the online plan straight to you via hand held or laptop, 10 minute workouts to do in hotel rooms, on a piece of grass in the park , wherever, not only a workout but a personal trainer who will then follow up the instructions in the evening by ‘asking’ if you have achieved them or any other help tomorrow .
Need advice on which fast food place to buy your healthy lunch from? Ask on the plan , you will very quickly have the answer. etc. All this a very affordable training package of £47 for 21 days!! No way!!

“Well I have been to many classes but never one like this “ quote from a lady attending a first Yogalover session of mine .

Q.Why? What is different ?

A.One hour bespoke fitness to you , intuitive training, leave your ‘dross’ at the door. For the next hour we are on a cleanse, ticking all the wellness boxes.
You need to workout and be challenged but not actually drained . Invigorated revitalised, relaxed. You may be recovering from illness. Preparing for an operation, its all about YOU.

Fitness Holidays

Q.Why do you need one ?

A its a HOLIDAY, I emphasise the word strongly . Because some don’t think fitness and holiday can possibly be spoken in the same sentence.
The no 1 aim at SoSpa is to build you back up and send you back home stronger.
How ? Play, fun, without realising how hard your are actually playing!
By eating at the best restaurants foods that hit all the ’taste buds’ leaving you feeling satisfied not deprived .
You see when people go on holiday our team recognise that people have to let go. release, unleash the person within. Relax, go wild! Forget the ‘no’ word.
All this can be achieved whilst making healthy choices with guidance in the right direction.
And we can also show you the quickest route to fun as we know and love the location, taking the ‘decision making’ away from you if you want us to.

General Fitness training.

Q.How the change?

A. For the personal training sessions, still bespoke to the clients needs.
Always taking the fastest route for results aesthetically whilst considering a clients ability and improving body balance and the mind equilibrium. At one time left to Yoga sessions only.
Still adapting a planned program at a moments notice to suit a clients mood recognised as you arrive.
All the time creating a portfolio of the clients lifestyle and how to enhance their health and fitness.
How many times have you visited me and thought “that didn’t feel too difficult “ But the DOMS “delayed onset muscle soreness” has told you different the next day!!??

A good fitrepreneur will make sure it really is all about YOU.
You want the tv on when training? – cool

You prefer a bootcamp workout in the rain today ? Let’s go.
You want to play your favourite playlist? yep bring it.
You want your company workout presented a particular way? – Lets do it
You want to let off steam about your day?-We are listening .

Here are some stress facts below and ways you can help cope with the extra work/life stress by changing or adding a few things into your eating plan.

1. Study suggests that eating a lot of processed foods can increase your chances of depression by as much as 60 percent.

2. 60 litres of blood are pumped into your brain every hour, providing oxygen, removing waste products, delivering nutrients. If that blood is nutrient-deficient, or carrying junk that doesn’t belong, it’s going to interfere with your brain’s function — specifically its ability to create necessary neurotransmitters

3.Most serotonin — the happy hormone neurotransmitter — is made in the gut, not the brain. Poor GI health could prevent its production, meaning you’ve got less of those good, happy chemicals in your brain.

4.Things we need to focus on to makes our bodies healthier — fresh air, sunshine, clean water, exercise, de-stressing, vitamins and minerals, improved circulation, etc.
Some nutrients in particular appear to be linked to brain health.
Omega 3 fatty acids (fish, nuts, seeds, algae oil):
B vitamins (meat, eggs, seafood, green leafy vegetables, legumes and whole grains):
Vitamin D (sun exposure; fortified breakfast cereals, breads, juices, milk): Vitamin D is required for brain development and function.
Selenium (cod, Brazil nuts, walnuts, poultry):
Tryptophan (protein sources including turkey, beef, eggs, some dairy products, dark, leafy greens)

Avoid depression promoting foods;
processed foods

All the above may pick you up temporarily but drop you back down lower, also possibly aggravating anxiety and insomnia.

Add a pro-biotic for gut health.

Loads more info about combating depression on our So Lean & Clean online plan.

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Have a super weekend ..Kick back , keep moving .

Stay Happy & Healthy
Gail x

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