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As we hit the middle of February and half term week ,you will begin to see a decline of gym members who began a NY kick start , there are many reasons for this of course the tops is MOTIVATION

But WHY What makes people lose motivation?

1) Lack of correct knowledge

2) 0 Results or results too slow

3) The gym didn’t ‘grab them’

4) Poor service

As a member of a gym, I see exercise by ‘hearsay’ all the time.

Inquisitive looks when performing an exercise but instead of ‘asking the questions,Why , are you doing that what do you want to achieve?

People just adopt a copycat approach.

If you are randomly working your way through exercises, then its likely you have also not got the right technique, weight or amount of reps you need to achieve the ‘look’ you want.

I also hear ‘they aren’t working very hard’ when observing others in their workout but
do you know if this person has an injury, illness, weakness, recovering or in rehabilitation?

Its time to STOP doing other people’s workout programmes and smash your own.

Every month SoSpa are doing fun fitness events incorporating workshops and presentations to assist people in understanding more about WHY they are doing an exercise and how to perform it correctly.

We discuss fat loss over weight loss and choose different subjects each event.

Our next SoSpa event is Saturday February 28th January 8.30 – 1 pm at The George hotel Lichfield.
We will also be using outdoor locations.

Our Subject is Heart Health

A sample of the itinerary is as follows , taken from our January event.

8.30 am Arrive at The George Hotel Lichfield

8.45 am Warm up power walk around the parks of Lichfield

9.15 am Outside Bootcamp

9.45 am Refreshments at The George and talk about Heart Health

10.15 Weights & Kettle bells workshop with Elias

11.15 Yoga meditation -The Benefits of Yoga – Different methods

12.15- -Lunch in the hotel restaurant

1pm Finish

£45 per person , including lunch.

If you wish to book on this event please click on the paypal link here

It was great to see those who attended our full day at Moor Hall and hope to see you at this next event!

Here are some pics:

What to wear?
We have one outside power walk , the weather looks dry according to the apps right now but maybe you will want a change of shoes or a waterproof /extra jacket , hat and gloves for that

Arrive in usual workout clothing, We have all the equipment ready for you.

The SoSpa Objective Of The Day :

Our SoSpa crew will discuss and show you the best way to look after your heart health
We will discuss in brief;

Exercise & Activity which types
Healthy Eating
Weight Management
Smoking , Stress alcohol
Your ethnicity and heart disease
Our workouts will be to educate you on the above whilst having fun primarily.

Have a fun fitness & spa day SoSpa friends past & new.

If you are enjoying our SoSpa events and want to attend more, maybe one of our Greece breaks are for you ?

Lindos Rhodes Fitness Holiday Dates

2016 dates for SoSpa Fitness Escapes.

Wednesday June 8th -15th 2016 7 Nights

Wednesday September 21st– 28th September 2016 7 nights

Wednesday 5th October -12th October 7 nights
Normal price £2050.00 p/p

Offer to attendees at the February SoSpa event

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