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Empower Online Diet and Fitness Plan 2019

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How happy are you? How fit do you feel? 
Are you investing time in yourself and your wellbeing? 
Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin making changes to a healthier you? Make one resolution this year, give your body the attention it deserves .

Being healthy takes a lot less time than you think.. It can save you time ..

The most common used phrase I hear after clients begin their first week of exercise is “I feel so much better already’!

First we have to address the barriers to starting healthy lifestyle changes. 

Time Poor is the most common one of 2010’s

Our phones now highlight how much screen time we are using, so the instant reaction is to stop trying to use our phones and gain time back. 

However its not the time on the phones that is the issue here as we have a fantastic fitness device in our hand. 

Its about exactly what  you look at in that screen time?

Take your phones out and look at what you spent your browsing time doing yesterday. 

Then see if there is a window in there that you could have spent that time doing
short early morning/ lunch hour or post work 20 minute workout video or researching a healthy fast 20 minute recipe that you can prepare for work/dinner in the evening. 

Use your phone apps in conjunction with your smart fitness watches, set yourself new step challenges, team up with your work colleagues. 

Find an online plan that will support and guide you to your goals.
The SO LEAN AND CLEAN ONLINE PLAN will begin again this coming Monday
Sign up below. £47.00 for 21 days


SoSpa Empowerment Day Retreat Jan 20th

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Join the SoSpa team for a New Year boost!


With anxiety and stress being the hot topic of 2018 we want to support and show you stress and anxiety busting techniques to empower you and offer you a support network to boost
motivation & confidence & reduce sabotaging your healthy eating and fitness goals in 2019 encouraging overall better health.

The Timetable :

8.30 Guests arrive for the day retreat.
9.00 -9.45 Energiser power walk through beautiful woodland.
10.00-10.30 Refreshment break
10.30-11.15 Fun functional fitness with Elias
11.30-12.30 Empowerment presentation
12.45-13.30 Boxercise with Jude & Elias
13.30-15.00 So Lean and Clean lunch & relaxation
15.00-16.30 Yogailates & 2019 Intention Meditation
16.30-17.00 Refreshments & weight loss Q & A

Event ends at 1700hrs.

Lunch will be a 3 course buffet menu based on the So Lean And Clean plan.

See sample menus below.

Q:What level of fitness do I have to be?
A: Our super trainers are able to work with all levels if fitness and prior to the event we will send a health questionnaire out to you so that we can offer you the very best expert advice and experience.

Q:I have special dietary requirements. Can you accommodate?
A: Yes again we will ask this and we will meet your requirements.

Event Address:

The Nook
Lower Way
Upper Longdon
WS15 1QG

We would love meet you!

Ticket price £75. (Early booking offer- Bookings taken before 23rd December £65.00)

Please follow the link below to book.

Empowerment Day



See below for more SoSpa Dates. We add more to these throughout the year.

2019 dates for SoSpa Fitness Escapes.

Wednesday June 5th – June 12th 2019 -7 nights
Wednesday June 5th – June 16th 2019- 10 nights
Wednesday September 18th- September 25th 2019 – 7 Nights

Price £2490.00 p/p
10 Night stay = £3390.00
Deposit £350 for 7 nights
Deposit £500 for 10 nights

Past Clients Loyalty rewards. A further £100.00 from the above price.

Refer a friend who has never been on a SoSpa holiday before and receive a £100 voucher towards your own booking .
Here’s what’s included:
Accommodation and Flights
All meals in excellent local taverna’s or restaurants
All fitness classes, Yoga , Pilates, Aqua, Power walk, jogging (bespoke to the group)
A Skype personal consultation pre holiday
Local airport transfers from Rhodes to resort return via private taxi
24/7 Holiday Rep/Personal Trainer
21 Days access to the So Lean And Clean online lifestyle plan prior to the holiday.
*Excursions to Rhodes Old Town or the local Spa extra if requested.
*Above price is based on two people sharing . Single person supplement plus £100.00
*Flight prices are based on Uk flights. For overseas clients prices will vary.

Any queries please do not hesitate to ask.

Yours in health & fitness

Gail and the SoSpa team

So Lean And Clean Strength Transformation

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Looking to make big changes to your body and fitness in 2019?
Join my So Lean and Clean Fat loss Weight training basics tuition online plan starting on the 3rd December for 21 days . Prepare and plan your healthiest ever 2019


What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

October 16th, 2018 | Posted by Gail in SoSpa Fitness and Fun Holidays | Yoga | Yogailates - (Comments Off on What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?)






  •  The heart rate lowers. The cortisol in the body reduces as you focus on calming the breath. But don’t force, just observe how the body breathes
  • Focus on the here & now. Norwegian researchers studying brainwaves of people on a meditative state had theta brainwaves ( a gateway to learning, memory & intuition ) and alpha waves linked with creativity.
    Tibetan monks were found to have gamma waves which are linked to a higher state of consciousness


By Demand! New SoSpa holiday date!

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We have added a new September date for 2018!

Taking bookings now for the 5th -12th September . What a superb time of year for this break , the sea is a beautiful temperature and out of school hours you will find a tranquil relaxing holiday to kick back between the workouts.


Injury rehab

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Following the call for more injury rehab info here is my exercise plan for Lateral Epicondylitis

Do you suffer from back problems?

April 23rd, 2018 | Posted by Gail in PT - (Comments Off on Do you suffer from back problems?)

I have put together a series of injury rehab videos .

Always check with a doctor before you take up exercise after or during an injury.

I see people with lots of injuries who have been signed off from the hospital or Dr.

Its very difficult to know what exercise will ‘cure or flare’ an injury  and its often an elimination process under guidance to get back to a pre injured state.


But here are three videos that may get you underway L1. L2 . L3

Always begin at Level 1 and just start with minimal repetitions of each exercise. If that is not causing a “flare ‘ then continue.


If you would like any more help . We are her to assist you and get you on your way back to complete wellness.


Improve Your Fitness In The Sun!

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Its holiday season. If you are looking for an intensive fun
in the sun fitness holiday then you have found us!
See prices on our SoSpa Fitness Fun page and mail us for any queries.
Get your bags packed the next one is in May 2019

Lose The Easter Excess

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After our first 6 months after the So Lean and Clean Launch
& gathering loads of feedback we can confirm this is
a fantastic weight loss product.
And suggest the following:

Need to lose 7lb? Purchase a two week bundle.
1 stone? Purchase 1 month supply
2 stones? 3 months supply.
Go to So Lean and Clean page &
place your orders. Mail us for amy queries

Fresh Is Best

April 17th, 2017 | Posted by Gail in So Lean And Clean - (Comments Off on Fresh Is Best)

We use only the freshest ingredients in our meal hampers

Sign up to So Lean and Clean Hampers on our So Lean and Clean page