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Bespoke Fitness Holiday – What we got up to

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Transfer to Resort arrival approx 21.55hrs.

Check In at Lindos Gardens.

22.30  Leg stretch walk and Light Supper








07.30 Power Walk and swim drills. Lindos Main Beach

09.30 Breakfast

11.00 Beach and rest and relaxation

12.30 Aqua Aerobics

14.30 Lunch on beach

16.00 Beach Tennis/Swim







18.30 Yoga relax

20.30 Dinner in the local village



07.30 -09.00 Bootcamp Fitness and Swim






10.15 Breakfast.

12.00 Beach Tennis

Rest and Relaxation.

14.00 Lunch.

15.30 Aqua Box.


Rest and relaxation

20.00 Dinner











07.30 Sea Running Drills and Swim

09.30 Breakfast

11.45 Core Aqua

14.00 Lunch

15.30 Beach Tennis


18.30 Yogailates

20.30 Dinner



07.30 Tennis

10.00 Breakfast

11.00 Power walk and swim

14.00. Lunch










15.30.Cardio Aqua

17.00 Rest and Relaxation


18.30 Massage

20.30 Dinner




07.30 8.45 Tabata Circuit/Football stadium

09.30 Breakfast

11.30 13.00 Pedalo Main Beach Lindos







14.00 Lunch

Rest and relaxation


18.30  Pilates

20.00  Dinner



07.30 Jog, Climb and Swim in Vliha

10.00 Breakfast

11.00-Yoga relax

14.30 Lunch

16.00 Drills and Aqua Fitness Lindos Main Beach







20.00 Dinner


07.30 09.00 Fell Walking to Cleovoulos Tomb and Swim

10.00 Breakfast

11.00 Checkout

12.00 Aqua Fun Faliraki Beach

Rest and Relaxation

14.30 Lunch in Old Town

Home the holiday ends but the memories stay forever…


May 2011 Client of the Month – Karen Hughes

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In January I decided to get a team together for the London Moonwalk a 26.2 mile walk in aid of breast cancer.

A fun group of 10 ladies joined my team and one of those was Karen Hughes.

On consultation Karen informed me that she was in recovery from recent breast cancer ops and had a desire to join the group but felt apprehensive about her capabilities, as the cancer and treatment had left some breathing difficulties and a low immune system.

During the first couple of weeks of training Karen was understandably nervous as I explained to the team that the distance of 26.2 miles should be given respect and training would require a good level of commitment to complete the challenge and remain injury free and optimise not deplete health and fitness.

Early on in training Karen experienced brief anxiety attacks which made her breathless, this I explained was due to her own self confidence and I believed it was a challenge that was certainly achievable and with Doctor’s permission would be good for her.

Karen totally took on board all the advice of correct hydration and nutrition and followed strength and flexibility programs doing the ‘homework’ that I set each week.

The training ‘glow’ very quickly kicked in . The other members of the team and I were inspired at the changes each week with Karen. She started to bounce into the Sunday training earlier than the others and had a buzz of energy.  Karen started to shine in confidence and the steady progression of her fitness levels  became inspirational to all the team, which was a great help as we each had a challenging week throughout the 17 weeks of training.

On the day of the Moonwalk, Karen was nervous as was the rest of the team but as soon as the power walk started her focus began and she contributed massively with words of motivation to the success of the whole team on the day.

It was a fab experience for all concerned and some great friendships were made and I can honestly say that the results of a carefully  structured exercise plan for rehab and recovery are amazing.

Well done Karen you are a star and here’s to our next fitness challenge   xx