Do You Have A Fitrepreneur Looking After Your Wellbeing?

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Can you keep up with life in the fast lane?
Have you taken a look at how life has changed over the last 3 years?

Working with a cross section of the population I have seen that people are working harder , more hours , extended to hospitality events over the weekends, late night meetings, earlier morning calls to make.

Stress levels are increasing , more people are suffering with depression and struggling to cope with life demands and complete all the work tasks.

Taking on the equivalent of what would have been three peoples jobs, 3 years ago as the number of staff is cut in companies.

Never has trying to stay healthy been more challenging or more important or else ..

Does this sound like YOU?

I really do understand when a client sits down and says “But I don’t get time for anything outside of work except sleep” .
You see not only has your industry changed but the fitness industry too has adapted in our approach to keeping you healthy .

All the time whilst you have your head buried in your work , good Fitrepreneurs have evolved to accommodate external environmental changes.

Make sure you have a fitrepreneur looking after your health and stress levels.

Q.How ?

A. Digital weight loss/lifestyle programs.
Can’t make the gym? No problem , daily workouts via the online plan straight to you via hand held or laptop, 10 minute workouts to do in hotel rooms, on a piece of grass in the park , wherever, not only a workout but a personal trainer who will then follow up the instructions in the evening by ‘asking’ if you have achieved them or any other help tomorrow .
Need advice on which fast food place to buy your healthy lunch from? Ask on the plan , you will very quickly have the answer. etc. All this a very affordable training package of £47 for 21 days!! No way!!

“Well I have been to many classes but never one like this “ quote from a lady attending a first Yogalover session of mine .

Q.Why? What is different ?

A.One hour bespoke fitness to you , intuitive training, leave your ‘dross’ at the door. For the next hour we are on a cleanse, ticking all the wellness boxes.
You need to workout and be challenged but not actually drained . Invigorated revitalised, relaxed. You may be recovering from illness. Preparing for an operation, its all about YOU.

Fitness Holidays

Q.Why do you need one ?

A its a HOLIDAY, I emphasise the word strongly . Because some don’t think fitness and holiday can possibly be spoken in the same sentence.
The no 1 aim at SoSpa is to build you back up and send you back home stronger.
How ? Play, fun, without realising how hard your are actually playing!
By eating at the best restaurants foods that hit all the ’taste buds’ leaving you feeling satisfied not deprived .
You see when people go on holiday our team recognise that people have to let go. release, unleash the person within. Relax, go wild! Forget the ‘no’ word.
All this can be achieved whilst making healthy choices with guidance in the right direction.
And we can also show you the quickest route to fun as we know and love the location, taking the ‘decision making’ away from you if you want us to.

General Fitness training.

Q.How the change?

A. For the personal training sessions, still bespoke to the clients needs.
Always taking the fastest route for results aesthetically whilst considering a clients ability and improving body balance and the mind equilibrium. At one time left to Yoga sessions only.
Still adapting a planned program at a moments notice to suit a clients mood recognised as you arrive.
All the time creating a portfolio of the clients lifestyle and how to enhance their health and fitness.
How many times have you visited me and thought “that didn’t feel too difficult “ But the DOMS “delayed onset muscle soreness” has told you different the next day!!??

A good fitrepreneur will make sure it really is all about YOU.
You want the tv on when training? – cool

You prefer a bootcamp workout in the rain today ? Let’s go.
You want to play your favourite playlist? yep bring it.
You want your company workout presented a particular way? – Lets do it
You want to let off steam about your day?-We are listening .

Here are some stress facts below and ways you can help cope with the extra work/life stress by changing or adding a few things into your eating plan.

1. Study suggests that eating a lot of processed foods can increase your chances of depression by as much as 60 percent.

2. 60 litres of blood are pumped into your brain every hour, providing oxygen, removing waste products, delivering nutrients. If that blood is nutrient-deficient, or carrying junk that doesn’t belong, it’s going to interfere with your brain’s function — specifically its ability to create necessary neurotransmitters

3.Most serotonin — the happy hormone neurotransmitter — is made in the gut, not the brain. Poor GI health could prevent its production, meaning you’ve got less of those good, happy chemicals in your brain.

4.Things we need to focus on to makes our bodies healthier — fresh air, sunshine, clean water, exercise, de-stressing, vitamins and minerals, improved circulation, etc.
Some nutrients in particular appear to be linked to brain health.
Omega 3 fatty acids (fish, nuts, seeds, algae oil):
B vitamins (meat, eggs, seafood, green leafy vegetables, legumes and whole grains):
Vitamin D (sun exposure; fortified breakfast cereals, breads, juices, milk): Vitamin D is required for brain development and function.
Selenium (cod, Brazil nuts, walnuts, poultry):
Tryptophan (protein sources including turkey, beef, eggs, some dairy products, dark, leafy greens)

Avoid depression promoting foods;
processed foods

All the above may pick you up temporarily but drop you back down lower, also possibly aggravating anxiety and insomnia.

Add a pro-biotic for gut health.

Loads more info about combating depression on our So Lean & Clean online plan.

Join us Monday for a new day and a new 21
click here


Have a super weekend ..Kick back , keep moving .

Stay Happy & Healthy
Gail x

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Lean and Clean Food on The Move

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SoSpa News this week .We are back from Ireland and I have been investigating the healthy ready meal companies over there.

Good clean food on the move is still scarce to find.
We already have our fleet of healthy fast food units going out this season on festivals and sporting events and this is growing every year but
we are currently working on clean ready meal packages and will have this ready soon. We have been on this for two years now and collecting daily data for the best packages to offer.

Its the So lean and Clean online weight loss plan 3rd Birthday !
Thank you to our members for their support and commitment. Celebration offer of the Perfect 10 DVD 7 x 10 minute HIIT workouts for £9.99 plus p&p with 7 days access to the online plan free.

Try the free cool down Yoga video on the right.

Attending all the running sporting events links me to our new running group

Well done to this months new runners out on this evenings run,doing fab after 6 weeks, already completing a full 6km without stopping!

If you are thinking of taking up running with us or improving your running ability then join us on Monday and or Wednesday 6pm evenings. £36 for four sessions
SoRunForFun meet every at Muckley Corner Lichfield. For more details contact us.

London Marathon coming up , here is some more info below for those inspired

Or for any other Fitness needs
see the link here
click here

On countdown for the 3rd June SoSpa Fitness and Fun holiday .
This month is all about purchasing new equipment and focusing on planning the best break for each individual . Attention to detail .
Join us Feel Fit, Look Fab this summer. A sample itinerary is on the right.



HAVE A GOAL Know and own your goal . If you think its straight in for a marathon training plan great ! But don’t take on someone else’s goal here in the early days. You will love it and reap rewards if you make the training achievable for the time you can devote to it.

Visualise it.
Imagine what you are wearing , who you are with , what benefits you will feel when reaching that goal. Visualisation is a proven success tool.

Choose a mantra.
When I first started running mine was relax and breathe or horse and jockey
(The jockey being the upper body relaxed in posture whilst the horse has the strength and power.)
Repeat and focus on breathing like you would during meditation .Calm the breath , relax the muscles and focus the mind…


Follow a structured plan.
Its easy to lose heart just continuous training and not seeing progress, it can feel a chore same run,same tempo. Get a good plan that,shakes your tempo training. Intervals, sprints, hills, different routes.

Hold your speed back a little until you have your base training in the bag . A pound please for every beginner who goes out running off plan and feels FABULOUS , runs longer , faster, harder terrain on the fourth run and then finds a niggle in the knee.

So what should the increase be ?
A beginner runner should increase 10 per cent EITHER SPEED OR DISTANCE.
Ie; if you run 5 miles increase by 0.5 the next week. You are in it for a lifestyle change and if you train right you have more potential of breaking PB’S in long term on a grandeur scale .


EAT! If you don’t put fuel in your engine, it won’t go.
If weight loss is your agenda , you still must eat. And NOBODY here ever said don’t eat carbs.
Carbs are your friend so make sure you cut out the white to eat right . Porridge oats, sweet potatoes, root veg, brown rice, spelt bread Bananas, fruits.

For short beginner runs the isotonic drinks are not necessary, these come in after 1 hour runs and the homemade type are the very best.
DON’T forget that water bottle and always good to have some loose change in case you haven’t timed your eating right and need a supermarket dash.

Post workout . Aim to eat both carbs and protein within 30 minutes of finishing the workout to top up the glycogen stores . Handful of almonds and a banana is good , or a natural yoghurt and spoonful of seeds and oats .
If its a longer run then aim to eat a larger meal within a couple of hours after that .

Post Run Recovery

Keep the legs moving when you finish , don’t stop immediately , the blood may pool in the legs and create a fainting feeling or dizziness, cool down by keeping walking or gentle jog.


Its important to stretch the body after workouts , to prevent injury , hold each major muscle stretch for 30 seconds


Don’t forget to allow the muscles to repair by rest . As you become a more experienced runner you can increase the days if you wish but still try to get two days recovery in or you may find your target plateau’s and there is research to show that too much can reverse any benefits in health and weight loss.

Running is a huge asset to have in the fitness tool bag .
A great stress buster
Has a great social scene, travelling to fun events all around the world.
All the family can run together if they have the ability.

During the course we cover the following
*Technique and equipment
*Common injuries and why
*Programming and exercise to prevent injury
*Hill running
*Road Running
*Cross Country
*Picking up the distance
*Speed Interval sessions
*Q and A how is the training going
*A 5/10k Fun Run
*Fartlek training

Come and join the fun.

Gail x

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Spring Into Action – April News

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Wishing you a wonderful April and hope your Easter was filled with love.

Spring is my favourite season, a season of all things flourishing, new growth, birth and awakenings.
In finance its the start of a new tax year,a time to check if the goal posts have moved or still on track with targets.

In health its a period where we may benefit with changes to our winter schedule.
Bringing some workouts outside, trying new seasonal foods and vegetables from local farm shops.
Re – setting the goals & tracking the progress.

I am in Ireland this week for personal stuff & also over here researching some exciting openings in the healthy food market. I will let you know where this takes So Lean & Clean soon.

So Lean & Clean have had the best group results and support through January to date and from what I have experienced in my history of management of weight loss there is NOT a more successful way of lifestyle changes in eating habits than online plans.
24/7 guidance, support & accountability.

So if you make one big spring change get on it and leap forward to better your health here .

After a winter season of planting the seeds of health, the spring is here for nurturing them.
And I like to attend all fitness & nutrition conventions to stay ahead with all the latest research.

A networking month with others from my industry . It rejuvenates, brings light bulb moments & helps to consolidate plans.

As I alway keep reminding here It’s very important to keep yourself constantly motivated and excited about life . Nobody will bring that to you on a plate, you have to go out and find it .

In work or personal life to stay uplifted, source your motivation and inspiration, once you begin to seek out the people who inspire you, one day you will realise that they naturally flow to you so long as you are ‘open’ to them .
If you however keep your head down in a phone you may miss them .

This leads me to close my newsletter this week briefly paying tribute to a dear client and friend who was hugely inspirational and offered me great support whom I won’t name .

This big smiley guy came introduced to me word of mouth ( by another great client & friend) for private Yoga sessions , just one month in, he was diagnosed with liver and bowel cancer.
He and his lovely courageous wife came weekly to Yoga and Power walking.

I learnt so much about the effects of cancer from him & about the best ways of coping with cancer when an inoperable diagnosis is presented.

“Endorphins ” he would profess, you must keep the endorphins high.
Which he did, for the whole 2.5 years.
Rolling up every week that they were home & sharing his wisdom and humour with the PW group.
I would lead the group and always hear the laughter from other members who were walking with him .
We would joke and ‘rib’ the guys that they must have dropped off for a coffee as we have acquired a ‘steady’ pace pack that ‘naturally flowed’ along with him, rather slower than the frisky leaders.

This gentleman and that’s exactly how I would describe him, encouraged me to help others in his situation by taking me to a cancer & the benefits of fitness conference.
You may read this and think how peculiar that I still support fitness and helping people with cancer through my works but one huge thing he stood for was that ‘fitness & movement ‘ assisted his quality of life right through to the last.

He was there at the very start of the power walking group almost two years ago and I know he will be very dearly remembered by all.

If you are struggling someway right now then let me share his reference to a simple book in hoping that it may lift you.

The title here;
‘ Being Happy ‘ by Andrew Matthews.

For those wishing to crack on with goals .

See my website for all details to help , from online weight loss to power walking and running groups.


Wishing you all a very heathy and Happy week
Gail x

Running News March

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Its almost here ! One of the biggest events in the UK sporting calendar is happening again on Sunday the 26th April and for many the London Marathon is where a dream is born.

In 2010, 36,549 people crossed the line, many of those running in remembrance of a friend or family member for different charities.

I myself began running and entered my first London Marathon just 25 weeks after the “could I run” thought popped into my head. I was a poor runner at school.

This is why I began the SoRunForFun beginners guide to running courses.

We have launched them again this spring as I now have colleague, Elias to assist in taking this forward, we can nurture more beginners through to their goals.

“One day I want to run a marathon”

Now this may seem adventurous but I hear many clients wishing they could jog some distance.

Well, we ourselves set our own limitations and now is the time for you to get up and have a go.

The Beginner running Club is on a Monday & Wednesday Evenings 6 pm from Muckley Corner at Gail Abbey Fitness Lichfield.

This club is also open to those who have been unable to run for some time due to lack of motivation,injury or those who wish to be stripped right back,forgetting all things they already know to help them find the ‘love’ again for running.

Everyone will start from a clean running card and follow the advice throughout the program. When the program is complete you will want to run faster, further and more frequently.


Q Will I be able to keep up?

A Yes, as I am pulling everyone back to a walk /run program to start and will be giving a running program out for all to follow at the slow pace I recommend. I am building strong foundations and after the course you can take the information and move to whatever level you wish.

Q Why are you holding people back if they can already run and what is the object of the program?

A Training many clients over the years I see that their running programs lack structure, progression,variation and all of this diminishes motivation, produces lethargic running and often incurs injury.

Runners who have reached great heights and become injured often forget or don’t want to go back to building foundations as they feel they will be taking steps backwards. When really they have forgotten WHY they began running..for fitness,fun and relaxation.

I want to put back those key elements and take away the ‘self competitive pressure’ to enjoy the scenery, company and freedom that walking/jogging/running allows.

New runners very quickly feel the runners high and forget that the legs,core need strengthening and flexibility, both by running and with a fitness program to compliment the sport.

The eagerness to do too much speed and or distance without good foundations then also leads to injury, creates problems,leading to low self belief and eventually motivation wanes.

During the course we cover the following
*Technique and equipment
*Common injuries and why
*Programming and exercise to prevent injury
*Hill running
*Road Running
*Cross Country
*Picking up the distance
*Speed Interval sessions
*Q and A how is the training going
*A 5/10k Fun Run
*Fartlek training

Its really a great hobby and a fantastic community.

For more info click here

Come and join the fun.

Gail x

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Life is A Ticket To The greatest Show On Earth – Feb news

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Well It seems there is a huge shift in many people’s lives at the moment.
It is quite amazing how many changes are occurring.
Re-locations to different countries, house moves, job changes,long term relationships ending, early retirements.

As I work closely with many people I see vividly energy changes.
Did you see it ? The eclipse?

I have been totally drained, sore shoulders , everything that the ‘experts ‘ say is happening during the lead up to the eclipse I have felt, yesterday morning I couldn’t breathe .
As if in a vice, when I stretched my arms out to simulate a chest press it was as if I was pushing a wall away .

Quite an unbelievable feeling .
So apparently now if you believe the ‘mumbo jumbo’ we are about to re set buttons, make the changes that have been holding us back , move to new levels , feel more powerful, release and energy.

Can’t be bad can it ? Whether we/you believe or not, that is not the point .. BUT its a great mindset to move into the weekend and Im going to grab it with both hands .. are you coming?

So Lean and Clean has also been very busy online, there has certainly been a lot of clients clearing up their diets over the last couple of months and getting fantastic results.
Some of the ladies can’t believe that they can lose the belly fat and look as slim as there twenties, after all the fat inevitably goes on with age doesn’t it?
The answer is absolutely not!
Small changes to a routine can create amazing results .
This post was by one of the ladies after her first 21 days.
“Morning ladies, I had a session and got weighed . Another 2lb off !!. That’s half a stone in just 4 weeks !! Thanks Gail for support and encouragement . Keep going everyone if I can then anyone can . Xxx

Join us for the next 21 Online So Lean & Clean .
Starts Monday and enjoy a COSMIC change,the above benefits plus loads more!

Lets get ready to re-set our health goals.

Is it time for a change for you? Below is a list of 10 things that life is too short to tolerate.
“Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.”
(Martin H. Fisher physician)

An unhealthy body. – Your health is your life. Don’t let it go. Eat right, exercise and get physical check-ups when you feel low or as a prevention.

Inaction. – Either you’re going to take action and seize new opportunities or someone else will. You can’t change anything or make any sort of progress by sitting back and thinking about it.

Being unprepared. – Life is unpredictable. Expect the unexpected. And there’s a big difference between being scared and being prepared.

Doing the same exact thing over and over again. – You are the sum of your life experiences. The more you experience, the more interesting your life story gets. As we age these can be habits that become hard to break, keep putting yourself gently out of your comfort zone.

Fear of change. – Life is change. Every day is different.
Every day is a new beginning and a new ending.
Embrace it and make the best of it.

A work environment or career field you hate. – Don’t settle for a career if you are bored or hate it,think you can do better or think you will let people down if they realise you are not ambitious. Keep searching. Eventually you will find work you love to do.
If you catch yourself working hard and loving every minute of it, don’t stop. You’re on to something big. Because hard work isn’t hard when you concentrate on your passions.

Your own negativity. – Be aware of your mental self-talk.
We all talk silently to ourselves in our heads, but we aren’t always conscious of what we’re saying or how it’s affecting us.
Start listening to your thoughts. If you hear negative thoughts, stop and replace them with positive thoughts.

Unnecessary miscommunication. – Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Speak clearly. Ask questions. Clarify things until you understand them.

People who bring you down. – Relationships should help you, not hurt you.
Friends,partners may be the one thing sapping your energy and holding you back from happiness.
Spend time with happy, positive people, and who listen when having asked your advice for the ‘nth’ time make a positive change.

All work and no play. – Enjoy yourself and have a little fun while you can.
If you’re smiling, you’re doing something right.

PS. Its International Day of Happiness.

Are you HAPPY?
Have a Happy and Healthy week

Gail xx

Short On Time To Workout?

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Choose HIIT Workouts when short on time or in small spaces,excellent for those days when you have to go away with work and only have a hotel room facility to do your thing.
Slip one of these 10 min workouts into your 45 mins between the works conference and evening meal and you will be staying with the program . Your best kept secret !

Set your stopwatch for 1 minute with 10 second intervals and work through these exercises once or twice around .

Have You Tried A Split Training Program

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Split Training gets awesome results. If your body has reached a plateau then this type of program will kick start you again and have amazing effects on reducing body fat and inches.
Book in for a consultation and I will run through a program for you to use at home or at your local gym.

Looking For Some New Workout Moves?

January 16th, 2015 | Posted by Gail in PT - (Comments Off on Looking For Some New Workout Moves?)

Try My Total Gym at my studio, great for Pilates & Strength training

Kettlebell Challenge

The Beginners Guide To Exercise

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Did you wake up on Jan 1st deciding to change your lifestyle but then not knowing where to begin?

So much info on exercise, should I choose cardio , what is cardio, what version of cardio should I do ? You have high blood pressure and read don’t do this , don’t try that so now your scared you will make things worse , maybe set yourself back.

I am creating an online ‘beginners guide to exercise ‘ to assist you to reach goals .

It will be a 28 day course online video tutorial beginning Monday 2nd Feb. Mail me if you wish to join

Just £28.00


Feeling Motivated in 2015?

January 16th, 2015 | Posted by Gail in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Feeling Motivated in 2015?)

Happy New Year to you ! Today is the historically busiest fitness day in the January calendar .

People have usually finally ate all the chocolates, cake & wine and thinking its time to now hit the workouts. Joining new gyms , signing up for personal training , seeking out new classes, watching the TV. programmes,  anything to keep them motivated.

There is so much to choose from out there that many feel confused if not even overwhelmed with choices & advice, especially as media can conflict day to day!

Why is that?

Everybody has there inspiration from different sources. Experience of losing weight with different diets, do Weight Watchers, do Slimming World, try the 5:2 , Have a go at the South Beach etc etc etc

But if they are still on a diet , then they are doing it wrong , so you decide to ditch the lunch time sandwiches for a month , go dryathlon for January but can’t wait for it to end, do you really believe the weight will stay off if you go back to the same habits?

Its really important that you make some solid promises to yourself , nobody is suggesting you should give up an occasional drink or two but every night? There are many reasons for health why you need to alter this habit and the least one is possibly to lose the weight.

Whilst in dry January make a list of these reasons , put them on your notes in your phone , stick them on post it notes around your office, wherever you need to be reminded why you are changing your routine now & why you should change for life.

My advice to you is choose natural food,no boxes, no packets, no tins. Don’t ‘diet’ don’t put a start and end date on it.

Understand the importance of ‘nutrition & hydration’. It may extend your life. It will definitely give you a better quality life.

Think first about putting the quality food in each meal , not putting in the packet things into your daily intake first and then adding a bit of veg to it.

Keep up to date with the latest exercise & nutrition advice where possible.

On So Lean & Clean we do that and give the support that is needed when making changes in life.

The next SLAC online plan begins Monday 26th Jan. Jump on board and I will show you the easy way to health & fitness.

Gail x