My Name is Gail & I Am A Sugar Addict

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My name is Gail and I AM A SUGAR ADDICT

Yes its true, I am coming out.
These are the words I had to say four years ago when I realised sugar was dominating my eating habits.

I open the cupboard , scanned for the sweetest food.
No cake there so lets go for the porridge, honey and yep raisins should just about make it right. = SUGAR

Mid morning: I’m STARVING! How can that be after such a large bowl of porridge?

Mullerlight yoghurt & fruit as a snack it is then. =SUGAR

I would then get one hour on and again be opening cupboards seeking for food.

Ready supermarket spit roast chicken with a sweet crunchy salad and pineapple chunks =SUGAR

See where this is going. It all sounds healthy yes? But a dollop of sugar on or in EVERYTHING.

Get this !!! HOT blackcurrant squash , low calorie/sugar of course 😉 I would no way have full fat! kidding myself and know it or what!?
About four cups a day. =SUGAR

Fruit snack between dinner and tea
Banana =SUGAR

Evening Meal

Not that hungry will just have a bowl of chopped apple, mandarin, pear with a pot of yoghurt & honey!! =SUGAR

I realised I had a problem, things had to change, the weight actually was staying the same so thats good right?

NO. The impact is on the internal organs, placing the pancreas, under stress and a whole load of other issues .

8 reasons sugar is bad for you

1.Added sugars (like sucrose and high fructose corn syrup) contain a whole bunch of calories with NO essential nutrients.

For this reason, they are called “empty” calories.

2. When repeatedly eating large amounts of sugar this can lead to non alcohol related fatty liver disease and all sorts of serious problems. There has been and increase of in the UK for fatty liver disease.

3. Sugar can cause insulin resistance , a stepping stone towards diabetes & metabolic syndrome.

4.Insulin resistance can progress to type II Diabetes.

5.Due to its effects on the brain & hormones sugar can has unique fat promoting effects.

6.Because sugar causes a massive high of dopamine release in the brain sugar is highly addictive.

7.Sugar is a leading contributor to high levels of obesity in adults & children.

8. Studies show that sugar releases triglycerides, small dense LDL, and oxidise LDL , raise blood glucose and insulin levels & increase belly fat in just 10 weeks . That is also abdominal fat surrounding the vital organs remember,MAJOR RISK FACTORS FOR HEART DISEASE.

So am I cured?

No, My addiction will always lie there . Do you recognise the symptoms?

I kicked it, you can , it isn’t easy but can be done.

I can help you on So Lean & Clean online.
Explain the trigger foods, what not to do, how to prepare against challenging days.
How to recover quickly from a blip and more..

My typical day now goes like this:


Spinach omelette with a crunchy side salad


Chicken breast with broccoli and a tablespoon of homemade hummus.If EVER use shop bought always check the back to be sure for tahini, chick peas and olive oil. NO SUGAR


Homemade stew with sweet potatoes and parsnips ( This satiates the brain as the veg are dense carbs and not fast insulin producing , a slow release into the blood stream )

Occasionally I will buy some green and blacks or natural quality chocolate, sweet substitute.


WATER LITRES OF, GREEN TEA, alcohol once a week .

If you check back you will see the alcohol I recommend if you don’t want to give up your tipple.

No cravings.

I will be writing more on the consequences of sugar in the diet & what the guises sugar comes in. It helps keep me in track too !

Have a great week.

Gail x

Festive Fun !

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Hi all I hope you are having a wonderful December. Just now 12 days away from Christmas. How are the stress levels?

I use to get uptight about Christmas but somehow I have desensitised to all the urgency and just kick back , lower my own uber high self expectations and just go with the flow!

Crazy isn’t it anything we seem to count down to just can send you into a frenzy!

The main worries of Christmas are



Fear of letting people down

So as my dad used to say lets get it all into perspective

I am posting some sound cloud Christmas tips to keep your fitness and health in check over the festive season and here is a little advice if your nerve are going off the richter scale!


Do you really need ALL the food on the list ?

Do you really need to spend THAT amount on people?

It is just ONE day, what you don’t manage to afford today you can make a budget and factor that dream child’s gift into the year plan. The best things in life are worth waiting a little bit longer for.

Over feeding everybody will just create stress after Christmas, stress to pay back credit cards, stress to get the weight off. Be lean (not mean ) with eating , make some quality food not quantity.  Then you will spend less time in those supermarket queues and more time with the family or at the gym staying in shape.

Get everybody involved in the jobs leading up to Christmas , project manage your day. Include the kids get them wrapping, send them off to get some gifts if they are old enough. They will then appreciate how much time all of this takes.


Great SoSpa Corporate Events

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I have just returned from yet again an amazing experience of training a group at Wembley Stadium.

Nobody has ever been allowed to do it before so I felt very privileged to be asked once again by Homeserve to run the fitness part of their 20th Anniversary event.

Take a look at the pictures below.


SoSpa Fitness & Fun October 2014 Holiday to Lindos

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A fab time was had by all. Great food and results. See the ladies posts on Facebook after the event

We went to the beautiful resort of Lindos in Rhodes . The temperature was a perfect 24-26 degrees daily. Perfect for our workouts where we do the most physically demanding workouts first thing in the morning.

The week flew by and I really trained the group to their full potential and ALL ate the workouts up hence the fantastic results. As I already knew the capability of these girls from last year it was cool.

Here is what they said about the fitness holiday to Lindos Rhodes.

“Just returned from a SoSpa week away feeling fabulous!
The first two days were tough – I hadn’t done a lot of training during the previous two months due to many things including a couple of injuries. Day 3 was the turning point and by day 5 the energy I had was tremendous. The ‘ feel good factor’ just amazing.
The upshot 8 inches lost and half a stone off!!!!
The workouts tailored to the groups needs were tough and challenging but effective – seen in the photo evidence at the end of the week!
The location perfect – many meals Michelin starr! ( as well as Lean and Clean)
Gail Abbey planned this holiday to the minute detail, an absolute inspiration. Thank you again – roll on next year and perhaps a two weeker! Jx” (Jo Mclardy)


“Back from a sunshine filled week, feeling fitter, and flexible. Thanks Gail Abbey” Helen Gore

“Thanks from me too. Great holiday, great results and great motivation xx ”         Lesley Brown


Healthy Eating Demo at Lichfield Food Fest

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On the 30th August Chef Simon Smith and I presented a healthy eating demo at the Lichfield Food festival.

The barriers to creating our own meals are




Since studies show that we currently only want to spend an average of 34 minutes preparing and cooking food. We thought we would show how easy it is to create raw food  meals. Raw food term is clean meals, dishes that contain no additives becoming increasingly popular.

We also showed that healthy eating can certainly be low cost.

There will be a video of the demo posted on here shortly.

The menu

Courgette Spaghetti with pesto

Chicken Casserole

Raw Chocolate Mousse

For the recipes mail me

The SoSpa Fitness & Fun Day

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Hope you enjoyed August as much as I did? I loved having a SoSpa fun day with some of my clients.

I am always being asked what goes on in a SoSpa Fitness &Fun holiday and what type of exercise we do. I thought it would be a good idea to invite people along to my business premises and join in some fun.

This is how we rolled;

8.15-9.00 Gforce10  a circuit style class with a combination of  bodyweight, functional agility training and weights .

9.00 – 9.30 Drinks and chat . An opportunity to ask any fitness and nutrition questions to the team.

9.30 -10.15 Box Beat. A boxing style class coached by Elias

10-15 -10.45 Abs Rap Elias & Myself cutting you to the core

10.45 -11.00  Break for quick drink

11.00-11.45 YogaLover . A few Sun Sals and some easy headstands in my favourite style of Eastern exotic Yoga (only kidding about the headstands ;))

12.00 Lunch

13.30 pm Yeiasou Thanks for coming .

Come and Join Team SoSpa for a Fitness and Fun Day . 8- 2pm 23rd August Lichfield Staffs

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Are you off on hol soon or back from hol?

Feeling a bit de motivated? I have been asked to do some SoSpa weekends in  the Uk . Right now I’m pushed as a full diary ahead. So I can offer 1 day ..

In Lichfield Staffordshire as I am planning a SoSpa Fun fitness day from my studio. All outdoors event .

FREE to re boot you for AUTUMN. SAT 23 AUGUST 8 – 2pm

Lunch (not inc in price ) So Lean & Clean nutrition and advice. A download for you to do at home after the event .

Free consultation and exercise advise with a plan to move forward.

Workouts  Gforce 10, YogaLover, Box Fit .Ab Rap  . Limited availability so reserve a place and mail me through the contact form


HOW MUCH ? …FREE !!!!!!! A one off complimentary offer .FIRST COME FIRST RESERVE!!

SoSpa Pilates at Lindos Gardens

SoSpa Pilates at Lindos Gardens

Lindos Fitness Holiday June 2014 was AMAZING!

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2014 June Fitness Holiday
2014 June Fitness Holiday

2014 June Fitness Holiday

Fresh back from the SoSpa Fitness Holiday last week and have to say it was fabulous with great feedback and a really fun group who were up for anything !

With daily workouts from Yoga to abs/box fitness to Kayaking.

All improved their fitness with amazing results of between 30-50%improvements on their fit tests.

We had some fun evenings out with those who wanted cocktails and others went back after the delicious evening meal in the local restaurants to read their books and be ready early to workout.

All gave wonderful feedback about the break and said they felt tremendous and refreshed which was fab.

Our new coach Elias was a dream to work with and looking forward to him joining us on some SoSpa fitness breaks in the future.

Take a look at the gallery below and some of the reviews.

June 11th Fitness Holiday Itinerary

So Lean And Clean is Ready to Roll – NEW Beach Body SLAC

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Starts 23rd  June

Starts 23rd June

Fresh back from Rhodes fitness holiday to start the NEW SLAC for summer .

Tweaking it to work EVEN BETTER.
Moving with new technology to bring you motivation with even bigger impact . Lets roll and rock this healthy wonderful life.
Bringing to you the BEST nutrition and latest research advice .

SLAC is my passion, helping others achieve inner confidence and ooze vibrancy is my goal .

August 6th -13th 2014 Some Like It Hot !! Hot Yoga Fitness and Fun Holiday

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Yoga at St . Pauls Beach Lindos

Yoga at St . Pauls Beach Lindos














August 6th 2014 for 7 nights. Lindos Rhodes.

Wake early and enjoy Power Hot Yoga and meditation

Water exercise in the afternoon

Yogailates Relaxation in the evening before heading into the busy village for dinner and fun.

Join our group  for a fun packed fitness break. Up to 16 persons

The cost includes

Flights and Accommodation
Transfer by taxi to resort return
So Lean And Clean menu and advice (meals fully inc at local village tavernas and restaurants)
Beach sunbeds

Gift on arrival

Download Yoga workout gift for your return.

Fantastic Peak Season Price of p/p £2010.00