What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

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  •  The heart rate lowers. The cortisol in the body reduces as you focus on calming the breath. But don’t force, just observe how the body breathes
  • Focus on the here & now. Norwegian researchers studying brainwaves of people on a meditative state had theta brainwaves ( a gateway to learning, memory & intuition ) and alpha waves linked with creativity.
    Tibetan monks were found to have gamma waves which are linked to a higher state of consciousness


What A fantastic June 2016 SoSpa Fitness & Fun Holiday !

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I can’t describe what fun the June Ftness Holiday was and I can’t believe where the summer went can you !

Here are just a few of the reviews and the pictures from our wonderful week !

I have not long returned from my first (but not the last!) So Spa fitness holiday, and just wanted to say that it was a very wonderful experience, one that I would whole-heartedly recommend as it is such a multi-faceted (proper fully inclusive!) personal reset that almost every girl I know would benefit from. Super results and not just physical, along with fun, sun, much laughter and relaxation too. I tend to value results/progress as a general principle and have done a number of fitness holidays/boot camp type holidays but they don’t compare. I’m home now lighter, brighter, toned and feeling great!. Many inches and pounds lost, and since my return further inches and pounds have peeled off with great ease due to the ‘inside’ training – having eaten so healthily and deliciously too. Thank you So Spa team! Jacqui Lennon June 2016

Periscope New Daily ‘LIVE Workouts’

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In 2015 , we began live streaming workouts to our clients into their homes. This helps to keep our clients motivated and ‘in the zone’ at all times.

Below are a few of our links . Follow us on Periscope SoSpaFitnessFun and we will be able to keep YOU healthy & motivated

Yoga Workouts

Diet & Nutrition Advice from So Lean & Clean

Join our daily challenges

Follow our Live Events

August 6th -13th 2014 Some Like It Hot !! Hot Yoga Fitness and Fun Holiday

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Yoga at St . Pauls Beach Lindos

Yoga at St . Pauls Beach Lindos














August 6th 2014 for 7 nights. Lindos Rhodes.

Wake early and enjoy Power Hot Yoga and meditation

Water exercise in the afternoon

Yogailates Relaxation in the evening before heading into the busy village for dinner and fun.

Join our group  for a fun packed fitness break. Up to 16 persons

The cost includes

Flights and Accommodation
Transfer by taxi to resort return
So Lean And Clean menu and advice (meals fully inc at local village tavernas and restaurants)
Beach sunbeds

Gift on arrival

Download Yoga workout gift for your return.

Fantastic Peak Season Price of p/p £2010.00 

7 Day Online Yoga Cleanse Begins Monday 5th January 2015

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7 Day Online Yoga Cleanse


7 Day Online Yoga Cleanse

7 Day Online Yoga Cleanse











Beginning Monday  5th January Online Yoga 7 Day Cleanse  £27.

Learn how to meditate, take a 15 minute yoga class with me daily.

Eat for energy.

Learn techniques to prevent  sleepless nights and find your equilibrium.

It’s The Season To Be Jolly

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Tis the season to be Jolly, but is your coordination and balance up to it?
Going to have a few drinks and attempt your Gangnam style dance or even if staying sober have a read through the 2011 NHS stats about accidents over the Christmas Period

If you are struggling now with coordination and balance and when is the last time you assessed this ? Then this does deteriorate with age and plays a major factor in potential injury .
With the loss of muscle mass, strength, and endurance and the deterioration of neurologic control of our movements and slower reflexes that occur with age the fear of falling is warranted.
Cardiovascular and muscle strength training helps significantly to reduce the risk of falling. However, specific agility, balance and coordination training can even further reduce the risk of falling. Unfortunately, this form of exercise training is often ignored with dire consequences.


Agility – It is the ability to change direction quickly

Balance- It is the ability to maintain a specific body position in either a stationary or dynamic situation

Coordination- It is the ability to use all body parts together to produce smooth and fluid motion.

Each of these is an important component in our ability to move safely, to perform the activities of daily living effectively and to enjoy recreational activities. We can all benefit from implementing agility, balance and coordination training into our regular exercise routine and this is especially true for the 50+ adult.

Benefits of Agility, Balance and Coordination Training

* Help improve efficiency of movement.
* Improve overall body awareness during movement
* Decrease risk of injury
* Improve rehabilitation
* Improve posture
* Improve ability to perform *recreational and competitive activities
* Improve ability to perform activities of daily living and therefore improve quality of life.
* Makes exercise more functional.

There are multitudes of physiological factors that can a compromise of our agility, balance and coordination as we age. Therefore it is imperative that we make our exercise routines as functional as possible. This will help slow the disabling effects that age may have on the 50+ adult to perform activities effectively and safely.

It is essential to maintain muscle mass as we age so a good strength program is important and Yoga is excellent as involves of own body weight strength and balance moves. Dancing and raquet sports are good for coordination . If you are gravity challenged then perhaps in 2014 you should consider some new workouts


Daily Yoga Pose

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Strengthens the back muscles
Stretches the shoulders and chest
Improves posture
Sit on the floor with your legs together and extended in front of your torso. If your torso is leaning back, it may be because tight hamstrings are dragging the sitting bones toward the knees and the back of the pelvis toward the floor. It may be helpful to sit on a blanket or a bolster to lift the pelvis.

A simple way to check alignment is to sit with your back against a wall. The sacrum and the shoulder blades should touch the wall, but not lower back or the back of the head. Put a small rolled-up towel between the wall and the lower back to help

Spring Summer Update!!

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Fitness Retreat

Anne Elizabeth and me on SoSpa Fitness Holiday June 2013

Hi sorry it has taken so long to update my website but things have been so hectic this year!

Since last updating this in February I have been so busy with Personal training at my studio. Teaching many small group Yoga sessions and my growing HIIT training class Gforce 10 . Which now also is held at Gail Abbey Fitness at Muckley Corner.

The So Lean And Clean Online club has been busy too and members hitting big numbers in the weight loss ,Three and  four stones targets. People who have been through just once have e mailed me too saying that since leaving they are still losing weight and loving the ‘clean eating ‘ lifestyle change they have learned from SLAC.

In June I was in Lindos Rhodes for two weeks on one of my SoSpa Fitness Holiday breaks with clients, we had an amazing time as always and I am just in the process of putting together new dates for 2014.

At present I am working on a new SoSpa website that will offer a membership and discounts from SoSpa and local businesses.

There are new plans too for So lean And Clean Live meetings where general public can attend a weekly meeting and receive help adjusting to the SLAC lifestyle.

Yoga will be taking a new twist and I have some exciting autumn plans to reveal soon. Keep watching ! x



Zumba Fitness at SoSpa

Zumba Fitness at SoSpa

NEW! SoSpa Fitness Club Whittington

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New SoSpa fitness venture.
I was recently approached by Whittington cricket club to see if I would put some fitness classes on in their newly built club.
It has a great hall and floor for workouts and changing facilities. Sending flyers out I received a great response and ran a survey with locals to see what types if classes they wanted to see on the timetable . Yoga, was a huge request and fat loss classes for the New Year.
Recruiting excellent staff to work in the Sospa team.
Lee Roberts and I have put together an excellent start up program of classes .
Yogailates which is a fusion of yoga and Pilates exercises ,
Gforce 10 a Hi / lo intensity circuit / drill style workout great as fat burn program .
Old Skool conditioning – a lo aerobic and toning workout set to 70/80 and 90 tunes.
Pump Uncut: A motivational free weight exercise body sculpting and fat burning workout to music.

In the new year I will be launching So Lean and Clean LIVE 21 . This will be a bookings only fat 21 day intensive fitness and fat loss group with 6 classes a week for 3 weeks specially designed for shifting the fat and getting awesome fitness results . Access to an online community support network will be included for £127.00 for 21 days . A one off post Christmas fat loss event.
25 places only .
From 14 th January .
2 groups 9.30 am Monday to Wednesday 10.30 am Thursday 9.30 am Friday and Saturday ( 45 min classes)

6.15 pm Monday to Friday, Saturday am 10.30 (45 min classes)

Reserve your place now .


Yoga with SoSpa

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Yoga for Relaxation

Yoga Relax SoSpa Fitness Holiday

Yoga with SoSpa in Lindos May 2011

I love to end the day with my clients winding down with a relaxing Yoga workout.

After a long hard day on the beach!! It is so tranquil to find a perfect space overlooking the bay and move through some postures in the sunset.

In a studio environment and after a crazy day at work it is sometimes hard to get into a relaxed state during a yoga class. I love to create an association with a beautiful calm place so when clients return to their gym’s or studios they can take that headspace back with them to re-create during relaxation at home.

Yoga is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise in the U.S and it is expanding massively here the UK too.

I offer small group yoga sessions at my studio and work with four clients to one and this has  great benefits of being able to guide my people through each pose and educate them with the health benefits of each move as Yoga is hugely therapeutic and certain postures cleanse and detox the body. It has become an essential part of my exercise routine to counterbalance the stiffness from running and weight training which I love.

The benefits of yoga are truly endless  Here are just 3

The obvious one Flexibility

1 Improved flexibility is one of the first and most obvious benefits of Yoga.During your first class, you probably won’t be able to touch your toes, never mind do a backbend. But if you stick with it, you’ll notice a gradual loosening, and eventually, seemingly impossible poses will become possible.

Food for the Joints

2.Each time you practice Yoga, you take your joints through their full range of motion. This can help prevent degenerative arthritis or mitigate disability by “squeezing and soaking” areas of cartilage that normally aren’t used. Joint cartilage is like a sponge; it receives fresh nutrients only when its fluid is squeezed out and a new supply can be soaked up. Without proper sustenance, neglected areas of cartilage can eventually wear out, exposing the underlying bone like worn-out brake pads.


Bone Building

3.It’s well documented that weight-bearing exercise strengthens bones and helps ward off osteoporosis. Many postures in yoga require that you lift your own weight. And some, like Downward- and Upward-Facing Dog, help strengthen the arm bones, which are particularly vulnerable to osteoporotic fractures. Yoga’s ability to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol may help keep calcium in the bones.

It really is worth putting on your workout list.