2012 SoSpa Fitness Breaks -What we get up to!

Bev Yates booked a SoSpa Fitness Holiday and after a knee operation in April, the holiday became a post operative physio fitness break.
Bev’s goals were to lose weight/fat and regain movement in her knee along with enjoying the delights of Lindos Rhodes.


I am very pleased to say that she lost 3.9lb’s and 3.6% body fat and had full flexion and extension of the knee when the holiday ended. We had a fab time and met many friendly people and received fantastic hospitality from the people of Rhodes as SoSpa always does.

Here is a short summary of how the break went.
We kicked off our fitness at the airport where we made the most of the facilities there for fitness instead of just sitting and waiting. So dance station, air hockey and massage chairs were our entertainment!!!

SoSpa Fitness and fun holidays www.sospagreece.com

SoSpa Airport Madness!


Massage Time in Manchester Airport!


Bev Airport fun!
























Thursday was our first day and we went off to the Football Stadium for our first workout

08.00 -09.30 Knee physiotherapy ,Weights and Swim in the bay of St.Pauls

11.30 Breakfast of Spinach omelette at Giorgios

12.30 hrs Beach and Beach Tennis

Rest and Relaxation.

14.00 hrs Lunch on the beach

15.30 16.30 Cardio Aqua.

19.00 Dinner

A video of our acommodation


Weights workout at Lindos Football Stadium Greece

SoSpa fitness and fun holidays in Rhodes Greece www.sospagreece.com

The beautiful bay of St.Pauls Lindos for our SoSpa morning swim














Our days typically start like this as it was a bespoke Fitness break for Bev. She decided during our consultation dinner what activities she would like to do.

We dine out at different Taverna’s and restaurants in the village of Lindos and easily eat clean on the plan. The food is very fresh and tasty we certainly don;t cut corners on the food with SoSpa. I like my clients to work, rest and play as this helps lower cortisol levels and improve overall health.

Breakfast for the SoSpa Fitness break when on holiday in Lindos Rhodes Greece

SoSpa eat So Lean and Clean when in www.sospagreece.com













Friday DAY 3

08.00 09.30 knee Physio Yoga on Beach and Swim

10.00 Breakfast

11.30 11.45 Sea Cardio Plyo Circuit.

Rest and Relaxation

14.00 Lunch

16.15-Beach Tennis.

18.00 30 minute Abs blast

19.30 Dinner


07.30 Power Walk and Swim

10.00 Breakfast

11.00 Trip to Rhodes Old Town.

14.00. Lunch in old town


18.30 19.15-Yoga Relax

www.sospagreece,com Yoga on Lindos Pallas Beach with SoSpa Fitness Holidays

Bev during the evening Yoga session on Lindos Pallas Beach20.00 Dinner

SoSpa Fitness and Fun Holiday Bev on her Pump session





















07.30 8.45 Pump and Tone

09.30 Breakfast

11.00 13.00 Kayaking Main Beach Lindos

14.00 Lunch

Rest and relaxation

17.30 Aqua Box

19.30 Dinner

Monday DAY 6

07.30 09.00 Sea Jogging

10.00 Breakfast

11.00- R n R

12.00 Kayak Cave Tour and Interval Training

14.30 Lunch

Rest and Relaxation

18.00 Yoga Thai Massage

19.30 Dinner

07.30 09.00 YOGA St Pauls and Swim

10.00 Breakfast

12.00 Aqua Fun

Rest and Relaxation

14.30 Lunch

16.00 20 minute Peachy Butts

18.30 Dinner and post dinner Nightlife.

07.00 08.00 Gforce10 and Swim

09.00 Breakfast


Gail a little sandy after scrawling the SoSpa name in the sand!











Return Travel

Leave for airport 11.30

Check In 12.35

Flight to Manchester 14.30

Arrive Manchester 16.55 UK Time

The journey ends but the memories last forever.

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Bev and friends at Skala Beach Taverna