Passionate About Fitness

2011 December Client of The Month – Jill Sawyer

WOW! 27 LBs lost. Well done to Jill who has taken to her weight loss mission with defiance and determination regardless of anything life has thrown her way.
Many private and personal things lead to poor lifestyle and eating habits.Having lost all enthusiasm for the gym and fitness due to life’s events,Jill came to me to find some guidance and support to get back on track.
Never using excuses such as ‘I’m going on holiday,I’m eating out,family ties and the other reasons that often occur along the way of a lifestyle change,Jill has continued to do ALL the above and even now over Christmas and New Year stay true to her goal to lose her weight that had accumulated over two years.
Jill is still on the way to her target weight but has smashed any time line I had given her to achieve this point and already has some fantastic Abs to show off!
Well done Jill it is a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to your ultimate target being hit. xx