Lose The Easter Excess

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After our first 6 months after the So Lean and Clean Launch
& gathering loads of feedback we can confirm this is
a fantastic weight loss product.
And suggest the following:

Need to lose 7lb? Purchase a two week bundle.
1 stone? Purchase 1 month supply
2 stones? 3 months supply.
Go to So Lean and Clean page &
place your orders. Mail us for amy queries


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Hello my healthy friends,


or if you have just had a birthday month like me,

WHEN LIFE SENDS YOU LEMONS,grab tequila and salt!

The beauty of life is that its unpredictable and challenging or we would all just get bored don’t you agree?

But do you wake up sometimes and think WOW! How did that mountain of muck land in my garden!?

You get your head around shovelling it and BAM the ground opens up and you start falling in.

You become weaker and then starts the SPIRAL OF STRESS.


You ignore the family, they then have more problems as you have been focusing on sorting yourself out.


Then you have more grief .

Its kind of what happened to me this week when my family lost our beloved pet dog.

My beautifuL Dog Karma

My beautifuL Dog Karma













WHEN LIFE DEALS YOU LEMONS, you may not want to make lemonade, (and believe me I don’t ) but STOP, PAUSE,


SLOW DOWN, look at your life in slow motion, are you frantically trying to get jobs done? OR


Take a HEALTH check, I don’t mean have a look at the food on your plate, LOOK AT YOUR STRESS LEVELS.

YOU cannot keep up the crazy pace because something WILL give .

So you see when I say MAKE YOURSELF a PRIORITY, its because peace and tranquility in your life begins with you.

If you are frantic then you can guarantee that people and animals who are close by will mirror you.


Just chillax , get a white board and make new lists. Do your immediate important lists of life and move out from there.

Due to our ever increasing BUSY LIFESTYLES and full mailboxes I have changed my e mail style.

I want to bring you fast,real life lifestyle tips and motivation weekly and more special offers, because I will have more time to organise them!

I hope you like the change.

tweetme @GailAbbeySoSpa or mail me to let me know what you think.

My fitness break to Rhodes is from June 11th if you want some intensive summer training call me , come with me or book Elias or myself ready to blast it on our return.

HAVE A #TerrificTuesday


30 Steps To A Balanced Healthy Lifestyle

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Every Day I will post new Vlog steps to help you achieved the ULTIMATE baLance.

) Day 1

) Day 2

) Day 3

) Day 4

No Matter How Many Calories You Cut, You Still Have Belly Fat ?

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Eat Clean,Lose Belly Fat

Eat Clean,Lose Belly Fat

Wondering why you can’t shift the belly fat ?

There are many people who feel stressed out. It’s the crazy, fast, chaotic world we live in. We run out of day before we hit the bottom of our to do list.Don’t we?

All that stress affects your body. Adrenaline and cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormones put out by your adrenal glands, were originally designed to give you the extra oomph you needed to evade death by saber-toothed tiger,in modern life, the stress caused by outrunning big, toothy animals has been replaced with the constant daily hassles you face — like sitting in traffic!

However, whether it’s a tiger or traffic, your body still responds with a fight-or-flight response, which spikes your hormones and keeps them spiked.

Our modern, deadline-a-day lifestyle overtaxes our adrenal glands, which ends up overproducing cortisol. When cortisol is constantly pumped out, it can blunt estrogen and progesterone production and bring on those menopause symptoms.

It is becoming more widely known that elevated cortisol has huge effects on our overall health — cortisol will rev you up and make it nearly impossible to sleep, and it can put you at risk for a heart attack. An overabundance of cortisol also boosts your insulin levels, which can contribute to you to packing on the pounds, causing belly fat storage.

What can be done to prevent this?.

Request a cortisol test. A simple blood test is all you need to see if your levels are within normal ranges..

Balance your hormones— perhaps an age-related decline of estrogen and progesterone are responsible for your heightened cortisol. If your blood tests show that either of these hormones is low, consider eating hormone boosting foods to bring your cortisol into balance.

Change your diet. Processed foods cause stress on the digestive system, we show you how to reduce that and get your metabolism fired back up. Like a well oiled engine.

Early to bed On SLAC- I reccomend that you start going to bed at a set time every night. Create some good sleep habits, The avaerage sleep requirement is seven to eight hours of sleep to fully regenerate;
Also, try to lower your cortisol levels, try some meditation and Yoga to keep you in balance.
On the SLAC plan we talk about rewards being in the form of massage, a walk in the park and many other simple things that are low cost.
We help you to create a stress management plan.

July Summer Fun and Fitness

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Chinese Fat Loss food Personal Training

Delicious food and good company








The month of July has kicked off a fun month with a few of the ladies from the So Lean and Clean Plan meeting up and going to the Ruby Chinese Restaurant in Lichfield Staffs, The Ruby knows all about the cooking methods and oils that we use on the plan and prepared us some great tasty dishes. I wanted the ladies to meet up if they wished as all talk daily to each other and its great to have a person to put to the picture on our fat loss site. It also helps to get out and have some fun and show how easy it is to fit the plan around a social lifestyle as so many people think that losing weight means also fore going entertaining and fun nights out.. Not so the case with So Lean and Clean and the next event of ours is  a theatre night in Birmingham to see the amazing  show from the movie Dirty Dancing .

Food Personal Training Fat Loss

So Lean and Clean at The Ruby Lichfield


Fat Loss Nutrition Clean Plan

Chinese food cooked clean from the So Lean and Clean Plan

Are We Really Giving the Kids a Treat- Lollipops if only it were that simple..

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When educating clients about how many processed foods ie ready meals, cereals, yoghurts,breads,drinks and the list rages on, most or shocked and surprised when they stop and think about exactly how many foods that are purchased apart from the obvious cakes, pastries, ice cream, chocolate and sweets they consume or give to the children that contain so many hidden poisons.

I have four children and have through my years of motherhood totally changed how I think about feeding the children along with myself.

I have a vast amount of resources thanks to the internet , seminars and courses to keep me up to date with current research.

However I really feel for Parents who are trying to give the very best of foods to their children and being falsely led by commercials.So really how can we start to reduce the sugar in things if we don’t know how to identify the toxic substances. Sugar comes in many guises and all different names. Take a look at the following videos to help start to understand a little more and I will post more info over the next few weeks.

Fitpro’s -Conventions Can you afford not to attend?

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Fitpro Convention 21012 Gravity HIIT session Fitness workout Bodyweight
Fitpro Convention 21012 Gravity HIIT session Fitness workout Bodyweight

Fitpro Convention 2012 Gravity HIIT www.gailabbey.com

Every year I attend the fantastic Fitpro Convention and over the years I have done workshops with Charles Poloquin, Paul Chek , Matt Roberts an endless list of fitness specialists who have influenced the fitness industry .


When I worked as freelance trainer for a club I would start asking my fitness manager if they have any complimentary tickets for the Fitpro convention . A glazed look would appear and they would ask . What is the Fitpro convention? I would be hopping up and down OMG I can’t believe you don’t know.
So for those who don’t know or who have overlooked this event.
If I had to describe Fitpro as a book
It would be a compelling powerful read that will set fireworks of ideas exploding in your head so  mesmerizingly addictive you can’t wait for the sequel.
This year was exceptional in the professionalism of both the presenters and attendees.
Fitpro is an individual journey and I always attend alone or go my own direction when I arrive. So I can absorb everything.

I kicked day 2 off with a brilliant Power Yoga session with Anne See Yeoh  a yoga flow which I can take back to my Yoga group and gave me a super stretch to prepare my body to sit for the intense vast info I was about to gorge on.
My fitness career has dominantly been of a Personal Trainer back ground  and I choose workshops around my specialised areas of weight loss ,management and running. In other words stuff that I can educate my clients with and then some solid business advice and ideas how I can progress forward in this evolving world fitness.
This year I found myself strongly influenced by Dr. John Berardi and his lectures on the future of nutrition and body transformation which presented facts and benefits of fasting and how trainers can do science experimentation and measurement in the real world. His presentations were so engrossing I actually missed some planned ones as I couldn’t miss out on his!
All information that we as fitpro’s need to know. Clients  hear all things new almost as fast as us these days and we need to have all the research backed up for the right answers.

I attended a Barefoot running workshop with Stacey Lei Krauss and found a new spin for my running courses. The press has been so confusing of late where to land on the foot when running and I have read so many conflicting articles in the glossy fit mags so to meet a runner and specialist who has been following the barefoot  practice for 10 years was great and convinced me to have a go and ditch my Asics. I can’t believe how much I have ignored my feet ( I know it’s a rude word ) and what lazy toes I have, are you exercising your toes?!

I got down to business with
Paul Mort’s entertaining   Bootcamp manifesto which gave me some real gold nuggets to implement in my SoSpa fitness holiday business and a chat with him sorted out the healthy shots of his new Lean Greens for my new fast food nutrition venture.
Jon Lipsey editor of Men’s Health shared some enlightening advice on media. Why not look at spreading your knowledge and opinions to masses if you are passionate about them?
Between all that I had a 35 minute window to move between lectures or workshops and it’s the opportunity to find out more and everyone wants to share their excitement of what they have just learnt with you and how they will apply it to their business which sets off thought bubbles again in your own head!

Whoo what a rollercoaster. The above accounted for about half a day. With 2 days can you imagine how much I learned?
Value for money?   This is I consider a hugely valuable investments in both myself personally and my business that I make all year.
If you wish to hunt with the hounds and run with the hare’s . You really can’t afford to miss it.

Fitpro 2012 Convention www.gailabbey.com