Empower Online Diet and Fitness Plan 2019

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How happy are you? How fit do you feel? 
Are you investing time in yourself and your wellbeing? 
Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin making changes to a healthier you? Make one resolution this year, give your body the attention it deserves .

Being healthy takes a lot less time than you think.. It can save you time ..

The most common used phrase I hear after clients begin their first week of exercise is “I feel so much better already’!

First we have to address the barriers to starting healthy lifestyle changes. 

Time Poor is the most common one of 2010’s

Our phones now highlight how much screen time we are using, so the instant reaction is to stop trying to use our phones and gain time back. 

However its not the time on the phones that is the issue here as we have a fantastic fitness device in our hand. 

Its about exactly what  you look at in that screen time?

Take your phones out and look at what you spent your browsing time doing yesterday. 

Then see if there is a window in there that you could have spent that time doing
short early morning/ lunch hour or post work 20 minute workout video or researching a healthy fast 20 minute recipe that you can prepare for work/dinner in the evening. 

Use your phone apps in conjunction with your smart fitness watches, set yourself new step challenges, team up with your work colleagues. 

Find an online plan that will support and guide you to your goals.
The SO LEAN AND CLEAN ONLINE PLAN will begin again this coming Monday
Sign up below. £47.00 for 21 days


Think New You, Think SoSpa 2016

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THE BIG ONE! January re-invention time, A private SoSpa fitness & fun spa day at Moor Hall Hotel & Spa , Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield.
De-stress your body & mind post festive season.

Our SoSpa crew will show you how to have a STRESS-LESS 2016, understand how to create the body you desire , have a fun fitness & spa day relaxing with SoSpa friends past & new.

Those wanting to shed post festive weight and clean up their lifestyle will have the opportunity to personally discuss with a So Lean & Clean consultant the way forward.

The full SoSpa day day will include:
Power walk around the beautiful setting of Moor Hall
3 exercise classes to be announced by the SoSpa team
Access to the Moor hall Spa & therapies
Educational fitness, nutrition and mind setting advice
Meditation & Relaxation
and lots of giggles ..

£89.00 Full Day Advance bookings only through SoSpa
please see the link below to pay.


Those wishing to stay at Moor Hall on Saturday 16th see our link below for room rate

SoSpa Day Jan 2016

Super Strong Saturday

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Kali mera ( good morning Greek  ) I’m getting ready for next weeks fitness break !

So who went off plan last night ?

Well I hope it was worth it if you did . And it was a conscious decision to gain a lb !

Well its true isn’t it , because thats what we are potentially doing .

We sacrifice that extra bit of body fat diminishing and await the slightly lethargic feeling that comes with eating/drinking the trash.
When you decide to go off road , what other conscious decisions do you make ?
Me I make a decision to go extra hard/fast in the gym .

A little bit longer maybe. AND I DON’T BREAK THAT PROMISE TO MYSELF . ( Diary of a fitness junkie )

What promise will you be keeping ?

What does Gail Abbey have to offer in Personal Training and Classes?

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IMG_0168Hello there Thanks for looking me up! I have created this video to tell you a little bit about me and what I have to offer.
My passions are . getting people to a wicked fitness level and bringing the very best out of them.
Coaching from the head and heart out to assist in lifestyle changes that will help you realise that every single day counts on this planet and how you can achieve your own personal best very single day.
I work in the corporate and private world. Create bespoke fitness events, fitness parties,speaking. Are you feeling a trend ? Basically FUN fitness. Come play with me

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Welcome A Fitter , New You in 2014

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New Year New You?


Going On Holiday ? Take some of my Aqua Exercise Tips too !

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Aqua Aerobics is one of my favourite activities. However I do prefer the sea to a pool.In Lindos during my SoSpa fitness holidays we do many water exercise sessions, each holiday is tailor made , bespoke to the clients and the level is pitched for realistic achievable progressive workouts,
Here are a few moves to keep you in summer shape whilst on your break.

My Step Revival Experience

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My Step experience !

Today I did my first step class in 15 years, taught by Lichfields finest Step Queen – Heidi Brooke’s (was Frew)
I had worked in a local gym for years but only ventured into classes I felt confident in as typically as a Personal Trainer folks expect you to be the Louis Spence of aerobics , step and anything with a bit of choreography. So I avoided them and peered through the window sometimes wondering what the big deal was as Heidi always topped 30 participants ?
At Heidi ‘s class this morning I found out what the deal was, it was a hoot,Heidi rocked the workout and showed how each class was full.I could see all participants felt totally at ease by her approach .
My mind completely switched off from work ( the first time in an age) as I had to concentrate on the moves so bizarrely I came out feeling completely rested but with that worked out buzz.
So to dump a few myths in that hour any past steppers of 10 years may believe

You don’t need 3 rises each sides and recommend not to as its highly likely that if you associate memories of step with bad knees then you were a high stepper. Bring it down

Can’t keep up !
Step can and will be broken down into blocks to allow time for progression to occur. Maybe like me you just have to ditch the outside noise in your head for an hour and treat yourself to a brain break!

But I’m not coordinated!
Have you heard of if you don’t use it you lose it?
Motor skills is one of the main components of fitness and essential to hold back regeneration of the mind and body.
Hold back the years , start rubbing your tummy and patting your head now!
The word on the street is that 2013 is the year of Step Revival , So lets Stomp for the Step!
See you local Lichfield Sutton, Whittington ,Burntwood and all local peeps Tuesdays at 11 Shenstone Village Hall.



New Business Opportunity- Wanted 10 So Lean And Clean Fat Loss Sales Leaders

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So Lean and Clean 21 Day Fat Loss and Fitness Challenge 

Exciting New Opportunity –So Lean And Clean Is Expanding I am  seeking 10 So Lean and Clean Sales Leaders who would like deliver my Fat Loss Plan
You will join my exclusive Facebook Leaders group where I will post webinars, training Vlogs ,posts and articles
You will have the opportunity to grow with the So Lean And Clean Plan  as the program expands and  I will provide you with back up, support and ongoing training.So Lean And Clean LeadersYou need to have completed the So Lean And Clean fat loss plan or currently participating ,have lost or losing body fat and be genuinely committed to this style of eating and lifestyle. You need to have a Facebook account and be prepared for a following.
You need to have patience and be able to help, support and educate your clients during the sales of my plan
You will have access to the So Lean Twitter and Facebook and social media accountsSo Lean And Clean Leaders will:
  • Have webinars, training, help and ongoing support from me personally.
  • Access to the Private Leaders Group.
  • Global Marketing and PR
  • Full Training on selling the So Lean And Clean Plan
This is a one off payment  of £797.00  And  5 x payments of £97.00 per month  (a six month contract) and you will receive a license to sell the
So Lean and Clean Online Package –All income of sales generated by you during this period are yours*I only want to work with positive energetic and enthusiastic people  that are genuinely committed to Clean Eating and working with me to help our  clients reach their ultimate targetsI wish to launch this phase of the So Lean And Clean Fat Loss Plan November 2012 . Prior to the New Year Fitness Explosion.*subject to terms and conditions     


 Mail me for more information gail@sospa.co.uk


July Summer Fun and Fitness

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Chinese Fat Loss food Personal Training

Delicious food and good company








The month of July has kicked off a fun month with a few of the ladies from the So Lean and Clean Plan meeting up and going to the Ruby Chinese Restaurant in Lichfield Staffs, The Ruby knows all about the cooking methods and oils that we use on the plan and prepared us some great tasty dishes. I wanted the ladies to meet up if they wished as all talk daily to each other and its great to have a person to put to the picture on our fat loss site. It also helps to get out and have some fun and show how easy it is to fit the plan around a social lifestyle as so many people think that losing weight means also fore going entertaining and fun nights out.. Not so the case with So Lean and Clean and the next event of ours is  a theatre night in Birmingham to see the amazing  show from the movie Dirty Dancing .

Food Personal Training Fat Loss

So Lean and Clean at The Ruby Lichfield


Fat Loss Nutrition Clean Plan

Chinese food cooked clean from the So Lean and Clean Plan

Flaming June!!

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The so run for fun logo. Running club that meet twice the week plus working online

So Run For Fun Running Courses

So Run For Fun Team Event June 2012

The So Run For FunTeam at Sutton Fun Run

Well June News so far. It may have been a bit of a wash out the last few days but I think we had the heat all in one day for the Midland Sutton Fun Run.
A few of us decided to run the 12.5 k Course the first weekend of June and all did excellent even though one of the team had her trainers shrunk in the dryer the night before and caused a blister half way round.. Lesson there !!

They all did marvellous and had loads left in the tank which is how I wanted it for them as its only the second race.

Next on the schedule is the Shenstone Fun Run this coming Sunday 1st June and My beginners are coming out too for a trot. I love to get them out to have a go as it is a great motivator and you feel a great sense of achievement when completed. It doesn’t matter to if we have to walk/jog/ walk. Just to feel that we are in a positive environment and moving the body is a major high and boosts the morale.

We meet Sundays for intermediate for anyone who has run more than 4.5 miles) And Beginners on a Monday 7.15pm for up to 4.5 from walk/jog.Just £36.00 for four weeks.
I also started the NEW VIP So Lean and Clean Fat Loss membership . A 3 month sign up for those who have been on the plan once and wish to continue learning, maintaining or continuing to enhance fat loss and fitness and get cookery ideas.
Our next So Lean and Clean Kicks off on Monday 9th July for 21 days just £57.00 Take a look a some of this months fab pics. We are hitting individual targets of 2.5 stone in just 9 weeks and 1.7 in 7 weeks its phenomenol and I am ecstatic over the success of members health and

fitness results.I want everyone to experience this fat loss plan!!

Post So Lean and Clean ONLINE Fat Loss Plan

Post Plan Back shot

So Lean and Clean Fat Loss and Fitness Online Plan

Jo 1 stone loss post Plan