Periscope New Daily ‘LIVE Workouts’

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In 2015 , we began live streaming workouts to our clients into their homes. This helps to keep our clients motivated and ‘in the zone’ at all times.

Below are a few of our links . Follow us on Periscope SoSpaFitnessFun and we will be able to keep YOU healthy & motivated

Yoga Workouts

Diet & Nutrition Advice from So Lean & Clean

Join our daily challenges

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Think New You, Think SoSpa 2016

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THE BIG ONE! January re-invention time, A private SoSpa fitness & fun spa day at Moor Hall Hotel & Spa , Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield.
De-stress your body & mind post festive season.

Our SoSpa crew will show you how to have a STRESS-LESS 2016, understand how to create the body you desire , have a fun fitness & spa day relaxing with SoSpa friends past & new.

Those wanting to shed post festive weight and clean up their lifestyle will have the opportunity to personally discuss with a So Lean & Clean consultant the way forward.

The full SoSpa day day will include:
Power walk around the beautiful setting of Moor Hall
3 exercise classes to be announced by the SoSpa team
Access to the Moor hall Spa & therapies
Educational fitness, nutrition and mind setting advice
Meditation & Relaxation
and lots of giggles ..

£89.00 Full Day Advance bookings only through SoSpa
please see the link below to pay.


Those wishing to stay at Moor Hall on Saturday 16th see our link below for room rate

SoSpa Day Jan 2016

What does Gail Abbey have to offer in Personal Training and Classes?

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IMG_0168Hello there Thanks for looking me up! I have created this video to tell you a little bit about me and what I have to offer.
My passions are . getting people to a wicked fitness level and bringing the very best out of them.
Coaching from the head and heart out to assist in lifestyle changes that will help you realise that every single day counts on this planet and how you can achieve your own personal best very single day.
I work in the corporate and private world. Create bespoke fitness events, fitness parties,speaking. Are you feeling a trend ? Basically FUN fitness. Come play with me

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New Business Opportunity- Wanted 10 So Lean And Clean Fat Loss Sales Leaders

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So Lean and Clean 21 Day Fat Loss and Fitness Challenge 

Exciting New Opportunity –So Lean And Clean Is Expanding I am  seeking 10 So Lean and Clean Sales Leaders who would like deliver my Fat Loss Plan
You will join my exclusive Facebook Leaders group where I will post webinars, training Vlogs ,posts and articles
You will have the opportunity to grow with the So Lean And Clean Plan  as the program expands and  I will provide you with back up, support and ongoing training.So Lean And Clean LeadersYou need to have completed the So Lean And Clean fat loss plan or currently participating ,have lost or losing body fat and be genuinely committed to this style of eating and lifestyle. You need to have a Facebook account and be prepared for a following.
You need to have patience and be able to help, support and educate your clients during the sales of my plan
You will have access to the So Lean Twitter and Facebook and social media accountsSo Lean And Clean Leaders will:
  • Have webinars, training, help and ongoing support from me personally.
  • Access to the Private Leaders Group.
  • Global Marketing and PR
  • Full Training on selling the So Lean And Clean Plan
This is a one off payment  of £797.00  And  5 x payments of £97.00 per month  (a six month contract) and you will receive a license to sell the
So Lean and Clean Online Package –All income of sales generated by you during this period are yours*I only want to work with positive energetic and enthusiastic people  that are genuinely committed to Clean Eating and working with me to help our  clients reach their ultimate targetsI wish to launch this phase of the So Lean And Clean Fat Loss Plan November 2012 . Prior to the New Year Fitness Explosion.*subject to terms and conditions     


 Mail me for more information gail@sospa.co.uk


Starting 20th August Men Only So Lean and Clean Online OLYMPIC 21 DAY FAT LOSS CHALLENGE

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 ONLINE Olympic Fat Loss and Fitness 21 day challenge

The Olympic Fat loss challenge for the guys

Due to the success of the So Lean and Clean Online  Fitness and Fat Loss plan. It has been requested that I start one for the guys.

Ladies on my plan have been hitting amazing fat loss targets of up to 1 stone / 10lb’s in week 1 and consistently losing fat week on week.

On 17th August I will be opening the doors of our secret facebook fat loss group Men Only for prep days and officially starting on Monday 20th August  (WOMEN ALSO RESTART ON 20th  ON A SEPARATE GROUP).

It will be especially created for Men with 21 days of  10 minute HIIT workouts to watch, do and follow. A tweaked version of the So Lean and Clean Fat loss focusing on men’s needs and requirements for Max Fitness Gains.










By the time the Olympics are over you can be feeling some of that fitness elation. A great opportunity to feed from the Forth coming Fitness Fever over the next few weeks . Join this plan and celebrate in Olympian style  your Fat Loss success in 21 days for just £57.00.

OR Mail me for more information gail@sospagreece.com


July Summer Fun and Fitness

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Chinese Fat Loss food Personal Training

Delicious food and good company








The month of July has kicked off a fun month with a few of the ladies from the So Lean and Clean Plan meeting up and going to the Ruby Chinese Restaurant in Lichfield Staffs, The Ruby knows all about the cooking methods and oils that we use on the plan and prepared us some great tasty dishes. I wanted the ladies to meet up if they wished as all talk daily to each other and its great to have a person to put to the picture on our fat loss site. It also helps to get out and have some fun and show how easy it is to fit the plan around a social lifestyle as so many people think that losing weight means also fore going entertaining and fun nights out.. Not so the case with So Lean and Clean and the next event of ours is  a theatre night in Birmingham to see the amazing  show from the movie Dirty Dancing .

Food Personal Training Fat Loss

So Lean and Clean at The Ruby Lichfield


Fat Loss Nutrition Clean Plan

Chinese food cooked clean from the So Lean and Clean Plan

May 2012 wow what a hectic and fun month!

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I have had a fantastic exciting month with my business.
Launched the So Lean and Clean Fast food unit at the Lichfield Half Marathon. My On Line Fat Loss program continuing month on month and having just the most amazing results.
I am so ecstatic about the plan and can see big things happening with it as so many people are now wanting to know how my people have achieved their results it is just snowballing and I’m loving the self esteem and confidence it is bringing to members.
I have also set up my So Run For Fun clubs with now an intermediate and beginner level continuously running o a Monday and Sunday. We have that also On Line as a club to keep you in the loop daily with other members of the team.
As I write I can’t believe actually how much has been achieved! I have just returned from Lindos Rhodes on one of my bespoke Fitness and Fun Holidays and you can read more of that on my blog.

I have so much I want to do to improve my business and help keep clients just as excited about their fitness as I am with my industry.
The fitness industry is progressing at a mega fast rate now as we are so much more able to reach out to clients now through many means. I feel that if I can just get one more person a little bit healthier by one of my posts or vlogs then the work has been worthwhile as I am so passionate about the power of exercise in people’s lives and how it can help people to quit many unnecessary medications.

I am now in the process of working on some e books for my So Lean and Clean Recipes and in the Autumn I am launching my Auntie Gail’s Family Fitness Program.
Hope you are enjoying the weather.Have a fab Jubilee week

I have recorded a personal workout session of mine so you can see a few of my favorite workout moves I am posting all this week. You can see I like to work hard and heavy with the weights. ps this is a light workout x

Are We Really Giving the Kids a Treat- Lollipops if only it were that simple..

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When educating clients about how many processed foods ie ready meals, cereals, yoghurts,breads,drinks and the list rages on, most or shocked and surprised when they stop and think about exactly how many foods that are purchased apart from the obvious cakes, pastries, ice cream, chocolate and sweets they consume or give to the children that contain so many hidden poisons.

I have four children and have through my years of motherhood totally changed how I think about feeding the children along with myself.

I have a vast amount of resources thanks to the internet , seminars and courses to keep me up to date with current research.

However I really feel for Parents who are trying to give the very best of foods to their children and being falsely led by commercials.So really how can we start to reduce the sugar in things if we don’t know how to identify the toxic substances. Sugar comes in many guises and all different names. Take a look at the following videos to help start to understand a little more and I will post more info over the next few weeks.

Monday August 20th 2012-ON LINE Doors Open Again So Lean and Clean Fat Loss And Fitness Guide

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We have seen AMAZING results on this plan and here are just a few comments from our results day on Day 14.

lost 3 & half pounds, half inch off bust, inch off waist, half inch off hips,1inch off right & left thigh, half inch off right & left arm, total inch loss this week 5 & half inches….yay..now if I can get 3lb off for next week that means in total i would of lost 2 stone in 6 weeks :

Lost 3.5lb and another 3″ overall. I’m going to step it up this week with more exercise, cold showers and cutting out the avocados. My aim is 1 stone by day 21 so I have a hefty 4.5lb goal, good luck everyone

Lost 1 pound lightest ever! Waist -1/2 hips – 1 bust -1/2 arms and legs the same

Lost 4lbs this week – amazing , just loving the feeling and astounded at the weight loss – thank u all for our support this week. Can’t quite believe these results! Xxxxx

HI! All the time  clients say to me “If I win the lottery I would have you every day for sessions and to stop me eating and tell me what to eat”

Well now I am making that happen! I have devised this on line program so that I can do exactly that. Never again will you get away from me  sitting on your shoulder!!

So for all my Clients who want extra help and any one out there that can’t fit Personal Training into their budget right now this is the closest thing to my SoSpa Intensive Fitness Holiday Detox breaks that enables me to do just that!

The power of the internet has enabled me to be YOUR Daily Coach. Read on to see how this  on line plan will fit into Your lifestyle.

Are you tired of struggling to find a foods and exercise to fit into your life. Have tried ON Line plans before but need more Personal Service, someone to tell you what to do on a daily basis?

Do you look at pics in magazines and search celeb diets to see how they have achieved a toned, lean body?

Do you long for more energy and run out of day time to get to the gym?

My Plan will guide you step by step over 21 days to achieve your Fat loss  and keep it off, feel superfit and have fun whilst doing it.
In Your Plan you will receive

Shopping Lists
Full On Line Support
Frequent support and motivation by me on advic throughout the day
A group support network
Video logs of 21 days of  My own fitness workouts and fast food demos like the one above.
At the end of the plan you will know how to maintain the RESULTS you have achieved in the 21 days.

What are you waiting for..all I ask from you is trust and commitment.

As it is an ON LINE FAT LOSS Lifestyle you need to be on or join Facebook to participate as all this is on an exclusive secret SO LEAN AND CLEAN FAT LOSS SUPPORT GROUP

Are you Ready For It? Sign up for 21 Days for just £57.00

To book on the group Make a Pay pal payment of £57.00 and the Group will open on Friday the 17th August when you will have access to all the So Lean and Clean Fat Loss and Fitness Lifestyle.




Great Fat Loss Results for March 2012

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Pre So Lean and Clean Fat Loss and Fitness Plan

Fat Loss Fitness Nutrition meals workouts exercise weight management water www.gailabbey.com

Day 21 Post So Lean and Clean Fat Loss Plan