Going On Holiday ? Take some of my Aqua Exercise Tips too !

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Aqua Aerobics is one of my favourite activities. However I do prefer the sea to a pool.In Lindos during my SoSpa fitness holidays we do many water exercise sessions, each holiday is tailor made , bespoke to the clients and the level is pitched for realistic achievable progressive workouts,
Here are a few moves to keep you in summer shape whilst on your break.

Flaming June!!

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The so run for fun logo. Running club that meet twice the week plus working online

So Run For Fun Running Courses

So Run For Fun Team Event June 2012

The So Run For FunTeam at Sutton Fun Run

Well June News so far. It may have been a bit of a wash out the last few days but I think we had the heat all in one day for the Midland Sutton Fun Run.
A few of us decided to run the 12.5 k Course the first weekend of June and all did excellent even though one of the team had her trainers shrunk in the dryer the night before and caused a blister half way round.. Lesson there !!

They all did marvellous and had loads left in the tank which is how I wanted it for them as its only the second race.

Next on the schedule is the Shenstone Fun Run this coming Sunday 1st June and My beginners are coming out too for a trot. I love to get them out to have a go as it is a great motivator and you feel a great sense of achievement when completed. It doesn’t matter to if we have to walk/jog/ walk. Just to feel that we are in a positive environment and moving the body is a major high and boosts the morale.

We meet Sundays for intermediate for anyone who has run more than 4.5 miles) And Beginners on a Monday 7.15pm for up to 4.5 from walk/jog.Just £36.00 for four weeks.
I also started the NEW VIP So Lean and Clean Fat Loss membership . A 3 month sign up for those who have been on the plan once and wish to continue learning, maintaining or continuing to enhance fat loss and fitness and get cookery ideas.
Our next So Lean and Clean Kicks off on Monday 9th July for 21 days just £57.00 Take a look a some of this months fab pics. We are hitting individual targets of 2.5 stone in just 9 weeks and 1.7 in 7 weeks its phenomenol and I am ecstatic over the success of members health and

fitness results.I want everyone to experience this fat loss plan!!

Post So Lean and Clean ONLINE Fat Loss Plan

Post Plan Back shot

So Lean and Clean Fat Loss and Fitness Online Plan

Jo 1 stone loss post Plan

Kayaking with SoSpa

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SoSpa Fitness Holiday

Julie in Lindos Bay


On my SoSpa breaks I like to use all of the environment and one of the fun but challenging beach workouts are with the Kayak’s.

The Health Benefits of Kayaking are

Calorie Burn

To move the kayak at about 5mph is going to require about 0.1hp of effort. Which is going to use up approx 340 kcals per hour for 150lb person



The Back,Chest,Stomach,shoulders and arms are used through kayak fitness training. When you are paddling expect to do about 500 maybe more, maybe less strokes per mile. Placing the paddle in the water and executing a good stroke is going to incorporate the muscles in the upper body and some is great for the abs too. In about one hour you are going to do about 1500 reps of low impact upper body movement. You feel well strong and toned after!

The fun Benefits

I only use the kayak on my fitness breaks but it is a great hobby and skills can be perfected to attend more challenging expeditions of days or weeks and like many other sports has a great social/group interaction in clubs. So if you want to spice up your workouts give it a go or the very least try it on your next holiday.

I get my clients doing some cruising around the caves and interval training across the bay…rather amusing for the sunbathers !!