Good bye 2015 We Loved You

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WOW! It has been a tremendous 2015.

So much has happened in Gail Abbey Fitness.

So Lean & Clean has continued to astound clients and help them achieve target weights and convert their lifestyle with ease to a better way of eating and exercising. 100’s of lb’s dropped in 2015.

We had a wonderful fitness holidays to Greece in June & July . Where I also launched fitness hen party weekends in Rhodes.

The month of September we began our new UK tour of the UK with the SoSpa pop up fitness events. We intend to visit post codes around the UK and present talks on diet and put on fitness classes throughout the day to jump start people with their fitness plans. Lookout for us coming to an area near you. For this event we ollaborated with Luke from RawR fitness who took the bootcamp.

We also launhed Perisope Live Streaming workouts and you can catch those daily on SoSpa Fitness Fun were Elias and I will take you through a series of HIIT, weights, Yoga, Box fitness and many more workouts. If you miss them you can find us on Katch too.

Coming soon in 2016 is our first pop up event of the year at Moor Hall West Mids . A full day to supercharge your fitness for 2016. Spa access to relax and classes all by the SoSpa team. A private SoSpa event at £89.00 per person. This event will be a de -stress , more holistic relaxed event.

August 6th -13th 2014 Some Like It Hot !! Hot Yoga Fitness and Fun Holiday

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Yoga at St . Pauls Beach Lindos

Yoga at St . Pauls Beach Lindos














August 6th 2014 for 7 nights. Lindos Rhodes.

Wake early and enjoy Power Hot Yoga and meditation

Water exercise in the afternoon

Yogailates Relaxation in the evening before heading into the busy village for dinner and fun.

Join our group  for a fun packed fitness break. Up to 16 persons

The cost includes

Flights and Accommodation
Transfer by taxi to resort return
So Lean And Clean menu and advice (meals fully inc at local village tavernas and restaurants)
Beach sunbeds

Gift on arrival

Download Yoga workout gift for your return.

Fantastic Peak Season Price of p/p £2010.00 

Super Strong Saturday

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Kali mera ( good morning Greek  ) I’m getting ready for next weeks fitness break !

So who went off plan last night ?

Well I hope it was worth it if you did . And it was a conscious decision to gain a lb !

Well its true isn’t it , because thats what we are potentially doing .

We sacrifice that extra bit of body fat diminishing and await the slightly lethargic feeling that comes with eating/drinking the trash.
When you decide to go off road , what other conscious decisions do you make ?
Me I make a decision to go extra hard/fast in the gym .

A little bit longer maybe. AND I DON’T BREAK THAT PROMISE TO MYSELF . ( Diary of a fitness junkie )

What promise will you be keeping ?

Kayaking with SoSpa

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SoSpa Fitness Holiday

Julie in Lindos Bay


On my SoSpa breaks I like to use all of the environment and one of the fun but challenging beach workouts are with the Kayak’s.

The Health Benefits of Kayaking are

Calorie Burn

To move the kayak at about 5mph is going to require about 0.1hp of effort. Which is going to use up approx 340 kcals per hour for 150lb person



The Back,Chest,Stomach,shoulders and arms are used through kayak fitness training. When you are paddling expect to do about 500 maybe more, maybe less strokes per mile. Placing the paddle in the water and executing a good stroke is going to incorporate the muscles in the upper body and some is great for the abs too. In about one hour you are going to do about 1500 reps of low impact upper body movement. You feel well strong and toned after!

The fun Benefits

I only use the kayak on my fitness breaks but it is a great hobby and skills can be perfected to attend more challenging expeditions of days or weeks and like many other sports has a great social/group interaction in clubs. So if you want to spice up your workouts give it a go or the very least try it on your next holiday.

I get my clients doing some cruising around the caves and interval training across the bay…rather amusing for the sunbathers !!