I hope you are as excited as me!

You will receive your instructions on the eve before so you can easily plan when you can give it your full focus & attention. 

Phase 1 BODY RESET – The next 7 days will be a simple easy to follow day by day habit and health stacking.

DAY 1:Preparation, Mindset, Identifying Symptoms in the Menopause and Bloating – Overwhelm & How To Take Back Control.

We will be identifying stress triggers.

What you need for today:

  • A journal to take notes if you want to.
  • A mat for the workout. Todays workout is mobility, the focus is on increasing the range of movement & reducing stress in the body. 

Enjoy and be proud of yourself because you are taking action…

To check your symptoms head over to the BALANCE menopause app.

Created by the wonderful Doctor Louise Newson. It is free and you can keep track of progress.