Are you almost ready to do this?

You will get the best from this if you commit 100 per cent to the next 7 days.

Everything is in bite size chunks because as a menopause coach this has been proven to be the best way to coach ladies into a calm lifestyle transition.

The way to create new habits is to be consistent.

You will receive one workout video & one educational & coaching video both just 15 minutes long.

Find a time to do both that works for you.

Even if it is the exercise in the morning & the coaching in the evening it doesn’t matter so long as you do both.

I have sent the prep video so you can begin and go and get all your shopping in.

I will be doing a check in at midday from Monday on my Facebook page & you tube channel. Drop into the comments and let me know you are on it!

Please feel free to add a friends e mail into the sign up form if you think this will help them.

Phase 1 BODY RESET – The next 7 days will be a simple easy to follow day by day habit and health stacking.

Tomorrow is DAY 1:Preparation, Mindset, Identifying Symptoms in the Menopause and Bloating – Overwhelm & How To Take Back Control.

We will be identifying stress triggers.

What you need to start:

  • A journal to take notes if you want to.
  • A mat.
  • Dumbbell weights x 2  between 2.5 & 6kg