About Us

Hello, thank you for wanting to know more! We have over 25 years experience in the fitness industry, along with 15 years in hospitality. With each of these aspects we are filed with confidence to enable the best fitness experience that a company could give!

Since the late 90’s the founder of SoSpa, Gail Abbey has been extremely passionate about fitness, living and breathing a healthy lifestyle. So it completely made sense that be her chosen path…

Fast forward to 2008 SoSpa ran the first Fitness Holiday to the island of Rhodes, Greece, thanks to all our clients its only got bigger and bigger each year.

2014, was the year SoSpa had a new trainer, Elias, 17 years old. (Gail’s son) Had just passed Level 3 Personal Training qualification, that was the biggest group SoSpa had taken to Rhodes… Elias had arrived just in time. Elias had been training in amateur boxing for a number of years which helped him further understand the ins and outs to fitness, weight-loss and dedication to the lifestyle.

The SoSpa team have successfully been running annual fitness holidays to Rhodes, since 2008. Although these holidays are only ran during summer they also personal train, teach classes, run fundraising events and fitness days where you can get a sneak preview into how the fitness holidays feel