Gail Abbey

We understand that people buy into people in choosing which personal trainer to work with, the cultural fit is always the starting point.

Great relationships invariably deliver great outcomes

We take pride in being bespoke, individual.

Whilst staying on the ball with trends , we keep the clients personal needs at the forefront of progress.

Our Four Values -Love, Health, Passion & Positivity

We LOVE to see people feel amazing, love the work we do and understand how important it is for clients to start and love themselves a little more.

Health is right up at the top of the list in life but life happens when we are making plans as John Lennon said. We focus on clients creating new habits to improve their health for life and not just the term of the course.

We are passionate about learning and understand that to stay happy and motivated this way we will better serve others its important that we fuel that passion often by change and stepping outside the box. This is why we immerse in challenging ourselves by offering a variety of classes, small group training, online plans, corporate and fitness & fun holidays. We can keep your passion and motivation at a high level.

Positivity is at the core of our training. We totally believe we can help our clients achieve their needs and wants. There are no maybe’s, try, perhaps, if’s, you will reach your goals because we walk the walk and talk the talk.