So our Sospa dates are out for 2024.

We are going to Rhodes June 19th -26th for & September 19th -26th for 7 nights

We will be staying as always in the beautiful village of Lindos Rhodes Greece. Our accommodation is in the village so we have access to all amenities, bars, restaurants the beautiful beaches of Lindos. The wonderful history of the Lindos old temple Acropolis and many other interesting points of history.

This retreat is a real explosion of local culture & Greek history meets fitness and wellness.

Everything is fully included in the price except for your flights were we will recommend certain flights and you can book your perfect seats, meals and we then greet you the other side at Rhodes Airport with our private taxi to take you to your accommodation.

During the holiday you will visit 3 restaurants daily. All different so you have a new experience, new view, you choose your own meal there are no ‘set’ menus. All meals are local restaurants with the best service and dishes.

There will be 3 workouts a day all out in the local area, on beaches, platforms, and a half day off for you to visit the city of Rhodes or just take some personal chill time.

A visit to the local spa is also included where hydrotherapies and a lounge around the pool or you can request some treatments at an extra cost to you.

All you do every morning is show up with your kits on, your beach outfits, a book maybe and we make all the other decisions for you.

You will have a real escape.

If this sounds like a perfect choice for you then follow us on instagram , drop us an email or message here or there and we will give you a call to discuss things further!

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