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Jacqui & Jacqui







Another 2lb off from final holiday weigh-in. So 5lb lost from 9th June. I’m so pleased, just 3lb off my original target!
Thank you so much Gail, you’re a star.

Jacquie Thackray 18th June 2016

I have not long returned from my first (but not the last!) So Spa fitness holiday, and just wanted to say that it was a very wonderful experience, one that I would whole-heartedly recommend as it is such a multi-faceted (proper fully inclusive!) personal reset that almost every girl I know would benefit from.
Super results and not just physical, along with fun, sun, much laughter and relaxation too.
I tend to value results/progress as a general principle and have done a number of fitness holidays/boot camp type holidays but they don’t compare.
I’m home now lighter, brighter, toned and feeling great!. Many inches and pounds lost, and since my return further inches and pounds have peeled off with great ease due to the ‘inside’ training – having eaten so healthily and deliciously too.
Thank you So Spa team!

sospa fitness holidays

The June 2015 SoSpa holiday looks fabulous… I returned from the October 2014 SoSpa holiday feeling awesome. I was full of energy, felt great and looked great (had many comments from others ) and was inspired to integrate SLAC into my busy life to maintain that fantastic feeling. Added to that I had lost 8lbs and 5 inches!! The mix of activity was perfect ….. It was absolutely tailored to our specific needs. And …….. We had so much fun … ate gorgeous food at local restaurants and had the odd cocktail too! Gail was the perfect hostess and organised absolutely everything for us…looking forward to the next one!
Boxing Fun With PT Elias !

Boxing Fun With PT Elias !







I have just returned from an amazing week in Rhodes with Gail and Elias and a brilliant group of likeminded people. It’s the best investment I haver made in myself. From start to finish it was great fun , with lots of variety, fab exercise sessions and wonderful food. I lost weight and changed shape too . 
Lindos is stunning and I’m already planning to repeat the adventure next year. 
Best comment came from my husband, “you look younger ” can’t be bad , 
I can well recommend the experience.

Gill Rice 2016



www.sospagreece,com Yoga on Lindos Pallas Beach with SoSpa Fitness Holidays






If you’re thinking of a fitness holiday just book it with Gail and her team. I went after having a cruciate replacement operation and used it as rehab. All fitness activities are tailored to you and your needs and there’s lots of laughs too especially in the kayaks – I’m great at going round in circles. Lindos is a fab place and the food and service is excellent. Everyone is so friendly and of course there’s the sun and sea too. I came back fitter, leaner and more confident. I even wore a bikini. Take the plunge. You won’t regret it

Bev Yates

June 2015



Fit Test Session






I went on this year’s June holiday with a little trepidation about my level of fitness, new exercises & having never done anything like this before I LOVED every minute. The activities were varied & challenging & fun. Gail & Elias were so encouraging & motivating. The location. . Doing yoga on a jetty in the Aegean Sea was just spectacular & eating delicious food in beautiful restaurants was fab. The group was brilliant – motivating, encouraging & enormous fun. I lost weight, I lost inches but the thing I was most chuffed about was how my levels of fitness sky rocketed. I’ve come away with strategies for exercise & activity that are now a firm part of my daily … Yes DAILY routine! If you’d known me before you’d know how big a deal that is! Give it a go. .. it’s life changing.

Liz Wilson
“Brilliant PT teacher, I know first hand. Book Gail to get you lean taught and terrific.”
Julie Dawson Fradley Dec 2012


“For the first time ever I’ve achieved the fitness I’ve longed for and that’s all down to Gail’s expertise. I’ve tried and failed many times before, but her approach, knowledge and enthusiasm has made me fit, healthy and strong and made me so much happier.” Emily Shaw – Lichfield Dec 2012


“Gail is a strong motivator and a living example of what she “preaches”, hey wouldnt you want what shes got? And the best news, she is so willing to share all of her knowledge and to help get you to your goal. I miss being able to train with her.” Des Cowie – Dec 2012


“Gail has literally turned my health and life around. I was fat and unfit , now I,m slim and more importantly fit and healthy. She is always focussed and sensitive to your training needs, with a great sense of humour and a professional and balanced approach. I cannot praise her enough.” Gill Rice – Lichfield 2018


“I have been training with Gail for over 6 years now. I started with simple personal training then moved on to yoga and then power walking and then running, the list goes on and on and then came along lean and clean. I have become a much more contented individual as a consequence. Who’d have thought that I would need physical exercise to make a positive difference to my life. Not me at first but I definitely do! Thank you Gail, you are very motivating and all of your training has been tailored to suit me. Becky Farnworth” Lichfield 2018




Gail has been a huge inspiration to me over the last year and a half. Initially I wanted to lose about half a stone and enjoy exercise again. I was so bored spending an hour at the gym 3 x a week & also had a knee injury so couldn’t continue marathon running which I loved. Gail’s PT sessions are a challenge but huge fun and the results are amazing. I have never had shape before – now I have shape and can even wear sleeveless tops!!! And who would ever have thought I could lift heavy weights!!! Just love it! Then came SLAC – this plan Gail has devised is just magic. With Gail’s support the results are amazing – weight loss, inch loss and a fabulous feeling of wellbeing too! I just wish I had found Gail sooner.” Jo McLardy Abbotts Bromley . 2018


“I starting training with Gail with my 40th approaching fast. 18 months on, I only wish I had started seeing her years ago. Every session is hard but fun and I’ve never done the same session twice so it’s always challenging and motivating. I also did her SLAC programme in October and was amazed at the results. She is an inspiration and everyone should have a ‘Gail Abbey’ in their life!” Lisa Wakelin Burntwood Dec 2013


“ I am now 42 and I have always played serious sport. At 36 I had a serious injury which ended my Badminton county days. After a couple of years struggling to get myself back to fitness, the injuries simply kept breaking down. I met Gail and what a blessing…. She did a full analysis of me and worked with me for a good period of time and she not only got me back to full fitness but made me leaner and fitter than i’d been in my 20’s. I cannot recommend or thank her enough. Not only has she changed my entire outlook to health and fitness, she has enabled me to control my diet so that the yo yo effect stops and I am at a happy constant weight. She has changed my life and …..guess what… i came out of retirement and my playing days are back ( in the vets i hasten to add!! LOL). In short, don’t delay get on board with Gail…it’s a choice you will never regret, it will change your life and open you up to an entire new and wonderful way of living.. Thank you Gail….” Kelly Sharman Sutton Coldfield Dec 2012








“Fantastic personal trainer. Great results. Well done Gail !!”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Savvas Savvaidis May 16 2010 Rhodes Greece








“Gail has been a joy to work with over the years. Her knowledge of the her subject puts her leagues above other PT’s. Every time I have been there has been a new challenge and a new level to reach. Gail is very aware of personal levels of enrgy and works within the bounds. She is the most positive of people and transmits her enthusiasm with a passion. Every time I have come away feeling exhilerated and ready for the next step” March 11, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value



Nicky Locke – Draycott – February 2010










I have trained with Gail for 5 years.

I suffer with Fybromyalgia and with Gail’s exercise and nutritional advice I have achieved challenges such as the New York Marathon and managed my condition tremendously well.

Dee Chamberlain – Sutton Coldfield – February 2010





I have trained with Gail for the last 7 years, I have achieved amazing fitness levels and a tight and toned body with her workouts.

Gail keeps me on track with her motivation and advice.

Terry Cook – Lichfield – March 2010

I went to see Gail with a long-term shoulder injury that had occurred during a supervised training session. Other trainers had refused to work with me but Gail talked it through and agreed to take the problem on. Four months on I am no longer in fear of my shoulder and have the added bonus of far greater strength and stamina. The work has been most enjoyable, gradual and very carefully supervised with Gail changing exercises and routines at the slightest sign of pressure.

The results show the expertise and knowledge Gail has.

I would gladly recommend Gail to anyone seeking rehabilitation, specific training or just general overall fitness.


Bev Yates – Esporta Lichfield – April 2010

Life before Gail was OK – coming to the gym, maintaining weight but not losing much, doing a few classes but no real direction. Having worked with Gail for a few months now I have changed so much. I love the gym, have focus, determination and I have loads of fun! I’ve lost a stone although everyone thinks I’ve lost loads more and I’ve gone down 2 dress sizes. Working with Gail is fab – my programme gets changed, we do loads of different work-outs and she challenges me in every session. I know she’ll help me reach my goals – next one is a 10km run in July.


Shaun Yates – Esporta Lichfield – April 2010

I used to go to the gym and just do cardio. I could run but didn’t feel that I was going anywhere – not changing shape or losing weight. I’ve been working with Gail since January and have been losing 1kg a week. I ran 10km last week for the first time and really look forward to the different torture/training (delete as applicable) sessions that Gail puts me through each week and reaching my next goal.


Gill Rice – Lichfield – April 2010

Gill Rice Before

Gill Rice After






Having been working with Gail for a little while I have now lost 36lbs and can honestly say that I have never been bored and its even been fun! The programmes are varied and challenging but always personalised and achievable. completing the food diary keeps me on task and has helped me to understand that there are no banned foods. Gail has a positive approach and is realistic about what is possible, her enthusiasm and skill have definately caused me to change my approach to health and fitness. Its Brill.