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7 Days To..

With this NEW plan, you will be sent 3 WORKOUTS per WEEK!

Achievable 10 MINUTE workouts for you to complete at home, in the gym, on the beach or in a hotel!

“Not one workout suits all… so find your suit”

Kick start your training or take it to new heights!

Only £3 EACH WEEK!
Yes, just £12 a month!

Whats Included?:

  • 3 Different home workout videos per week! Topics Include:

7 Days to Beat the Bloat
7 Days to Flexibility
7 Days to Peaceful Mind
7 Days to Core Pilates

  • Achievable workouts to complete where ever you are!
  • Balance, learn more about fitness. Find the type of training you enjoy.
  • Join a private online group to receive and discuss workouts!

More than ever there is a greater need for a balanced lifestyle, so much talk around sleep issues & anxiety problems with this plan we will be working on meditation, stress relief and much more. Targeting all these areas, physical and mental we will avoid arising health problems which result in injuries to the body.

Stress makes us injury prone!