This is an example of a day in the life of SoSpa Workout Edition! We run 3 active sessions each day.

We workout before each meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) which gives us the time to build an appetite so we can indulge.

  • Starting the day with the more challenging but fun workout (usually taught by Elias) if you are wanting weightloss from your holiday this is the ideal time to put your body to work right before we sit down for breakfast!
  • Mid day, this is when the sun is usually at its highest. So this is the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful Mediterranean sea. Either graab your water weights or woggles. This type of training has many many benefits but mainly perfectly soft on your joints and really tones/sculpts that body… Time for Lunch!
  • Maybe you’ve just woke up from a nap or you’ve just caught the last of the rays… The sun is beginning to set. Time to roll off your sun bed, make your way over to the jetty where we will finish the day in movie scene style. Yoga meditation listening to the soft flowing waves underneath the warm wooden jetty.

Want Adventures?

On SoSpa breaks we like to use all of the environment!

Some of our personal favourites, fun but challenging are the Kayak’s and Paddle Boards!

The Health Benefits of Kayaking are:

  • Calorie Burn

To move the kayak at about 5mph is going to require about 0.1hp of effort. Which is going to use up approx 340 kcals per hour for 150lb person

  • Toning

The Back,Chest,Stomach,shoulders and arms are used through kayak fitness training. When you are paddling expect to do about 500 maybe more, maybe less strokes per mile. Placing the paddle in the water and executing a good stroke is going to incorporate the muscles in the upper body and some is great for the abs too. In about one hour you are going to do about 1500 reps of low impact upper body movement. You feel well strong and toned after!

I get my clients doing some cruising around the caves and interval training across the bay!