Fitness Business

Fitness Business

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas break?   I have been testing some new styles of training on line and I have recruited some companies during December to the skype training a system to enable people to workout on line during their lunch break.Combining that with my So Lean And Clean Plan SoSpa corporate fitness is ready for business in 2014.  This year I am speaking at conferences and consulting businesses to be more productive whilst also cutting staff costs

2014 also launches the So Lean And Clean LIVE chat consultations so even if you are in another country I can offer specialist one on one advice.Helping those with little confidence and maybe health issues that they feel prevent them participating on a group level.  Please mail [email protected] if this kind of training appeals to you.

Finally I have a special sunsaver offer for a June 2014 SoSpa Fitness holiday to Lindos Rhodes Greece.
I will be taking 10 persons on June 11th for a week (just 4 places left, This offer ends January 31st
Gold Package includes Flights and accommodation
Transfer from Rhodes airport to the resort return
3 group training workouts a day bespoke to your requirements
Initial movement assessment and one-on-one follow up discussion*
One-on-one reassessment at the end of the course
Holiday price £980.00 p/p (usual price starts from £1479-00 )

Have you just returned from your Christmas holibobs?
If you have been enjoying the freedom of holiday’s, maybe you are starting to feel a mood crash and the sun really has gone down too quickly, then you need to focus on creating some small healthy lifestyle habits to ease you back into the flow.

Hold on To That Chilled Feeling
Hopefully you are feeling refreshed after your break and been able to create some empty head space whilst on holiday. It’s great to have thoughts flowing and ideas to move the business forward and you will be keen to put those ideas into action. To optimise that feeling first put yourself and your health to the top of the list. Once you have a program in place to take care of your own needs, you will feel confident, strong and relaxed .A great recipe for productivity and gaining clients.

Be kind to yourself
Try to build in reward breaks between hitting the ground running. Make sure you have your escape strategy in place from the full on staff and client demands.
Where possible take short walks from the car to work or during lunch hour through an area you find attractive or tranquil.

Create positivity
Your own self talk is crucial to how motivated you remain on your return. Watch out for the negatives especially these when you have been back for three days “I don’t feel like I have had a holiday” “I wish I had never gone, there is more work to do now.” Ditch these thoughts and remind yourself of all the things you learned and loved whilst away and how you intend to reach your goals.
Remember to say give thanks for the wonderful break you had and for the opportunity to make a fresh start.
Listen to your favourite holiday music on the way to work. Replace the photos with holiday pictures.

Begin that new activity you have been promising yourself – something that will energize you, make you feel good and stimulate your mind.
Eat well
Usually when on vacation you eat out a lot or foods the body are not used to. Craving some clean fresh food and eliminating alcohol is often the response to over- indulgent holidays. It is a perfect time to embrace this feeling and create some healthy lifestyle changes.

Start this new work season with good fuel for thought.
Invest time in preparing a healthy protein and veg breakfast and ditch the packets. Take a 2 litre
bottle of water into work and cut down or cut out the coffee and tea .
If you must snack choose a few berries, a handful of almonds or veg crudités with hummus. It is frequently thought that snacking on fruit is good for you but remember fruit contains sugar, therefore energy crashes can occur after consuming large amounts. Better still when the 3.30- 4pm craving occurs take a walkabout. The brain is just searching for a endorphin lift and exercise will satisfy, whilst training your mind to resist reaching for sugar.

Follow these tips and you will be amazed at the benefits, feel your energy levels hit sky high. Combined with more daily work movement you will feel alert, avoid the holiday crash and slide back into routines easier.

Have a fun New Year break
Stay fit and healthy

Gail x