When educating clients about how many processed foods ie ready meals, cereals, yoghurts,breads,drinks and the list rages on, most or shocked and surprised when they stop and think about exactly how many foods that are purchased apart from the obvious cakes, pastries, ice cream, chocolate and sweets they consume or give to the children that contain so many hidden poisons.

I have four children and have through my years of motherhood totally changed how I think about feeding the children along with myself.

I have a vast amount of resources thanks to the internet , seminars and courses to keep me up to date with current research.

However I really feel for Parents who are trying to give the very best of foods to their children and being falsely led by commercials.So really how can we start to reduce the sugar in things if we don’t know how to identify the toxic substances. Sugar comes in many guises and all different names. Take a look at the following videos to help start to understand a little more and I will post more info over the next few weeks.