Hi its great time for outdoor training and literally injecting a breath of fresh air into those training programs.

Love love this time of year as short deadlines to those goals often kick us into action.
Its so true that a summer body is earned in the winter especially if there are competitive running events . Although its not too late for shredding some fat for summer holidays.

There are as I have covered important factors for dropping the fat and we have covered many in my newsletters. Over the years I have heard ‘hormones’ being blamed for many things so lets take a look at two which have a major impact on regulating our appetite.
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Ghrelin Stimulation

Ghrelin and Leptin

Statistics show that most people go on a diet and lose lose weight and get regaining the way to within the year people tend to view a diet as a short term solution and don’t want to change their eating habits and activity levels. This why the lean and clean fat loss plan we focus on changing peoples mindsets as well as their behaviours and attitude towards food.
Another reason is that on the whole our bodies don’t like to change and will anything they can to try and maintain the same state. so they keep ripping our appetites hormones up to hormones to prevent any change occurring.

Leptin and Ghrelin are our natural regulators of appetite.Appetite influences body weight and the hungrier we get , the more we eat and obviously this makes us maintain or gain weight.
Leptin is secreted in the fat cells primarily. Also the heart, placenta,stomach and skeletal muscle. Leptin decreases hunger

Ghrelin is secreted primally in the lining of the stomach which really increases hunger .
both hormones understand how Well fed you are and responds to it.leptin also correlates to fat mass the more fat you have the more leptin you produce .
Note. Both hormones and their signals get messed up with obesity.

Leptin is made by adipose tissue or in other words fat and secreted into the circulatory system it travels to the hypothalamus. Leptin sends a message to the brain saying we have enough fat so we can stop eating. leptin may also increase metabolism although there is conflicting research on this.

Generally the more fat you have the more leptin you make the less food you will eat and the higher your metabolic rate perhaps will be. The less fat the more hungry, are you getting the picture?

So I can hear you asking, so why are fatter people fat? Shouldn’t they stop eating as the more leptin the better for weight loss?

Unfortunately then leptin resistance b kicks in to play.
This is when there is a lot of fat creating leptin but the brain isn’t listening.
You still want to kill for chocolate, you are determined to look hot for the weekend , the brain is saying no way I’m hungry, feed me.

Leptin resistance is similar to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs when lots of insulin is being produced such as a high sugar and simple carbohydrate diet . The body and brain has stopped listening to insulin effects.
Research has shown that resistance seem to occur in obese people. The small divide is that Insulin resistance is more prone to occur in men with more internal belly fat and women who have more fatty levels under the skin to have more leptin resistance
The important point here is that the more body fat you have the more you appetite signals can be messed up and they can actually make you hungrier.


Ghrelin is the opposite of leptin .its the hunger alarm that gives you a rumble in the belly, interrupts meetings and gets in the way ! Ghrelin also goes into the blood arrives at the hypothalamus. where it tells you you’re hungry. High ghrelin levels before you eat and low after you eat so if trying to lose weight you want less ghrelin

Both of these hormones regulate appetite and hunger and both of them regulate homeostasis keep keeping you adequately fed. When you to lose weight then the body responds by changing hormone levels making you become hungrier.
This is where it starts to be a challenge
So what can we do to sort this problem?
We need to look at improving leptin levels


Here is a list of how we can do that

1 Get enough sleep – lack of sleep leads to elevated ghrelin less leptin and more insulin resistance.

2)Take Omega 3 fish oils- they are linked to a decrease in hunger.

3) A higher protein low carbohydrate plan with essential greens. Protein is shown to have greater satiety levels.

4)Be prepared to feel hungry and go through a ‘change’ of appetite regulation period.

5) Find a good support network and resources to assist you

6) Have an open mind and want to change . Period…..