London Marathon 2012 Race Day Runners

Having completed London Marathon twice ( my first ever marathon was there) I can understand the last minute nerves and possibly phantom niggles that you may be feeling through your body and mind right now.

If you have put all the training in that is required then you can feel confident. During the last few weeks of training you have put your body through quite a lot of work and some stress hence the few lows of sore throats and ankle/calf/back/ hip gripes. However if you have tapered right boosted hydration and rested sufficiently all will come good.

Go out to enjoy the day. It is an awesome day that will be high in your memory bank for life and get mentally focused and tuned in to the task ahead. The atmosphere, fun of the day and training  will carry you far for the first 18 after that you need to be mentally strong and then you will look for inspiration around you.

There is plenty of inspiration believe me at this event and if you are flagging just ask the person next to you why they are running.. For their Aunt, Mum ,Son  who is no longer with them.

Because they have been ill and want to prove to themselves they can do this,

Because their mate down the pub challenged them.

Take a look around at the people, be prepared to see all abilities and courage.

Be prepared to be overtaken by an enormous furry rabbit!

But whatever you feel at whichever stage be proud of yourself for having a go, getting off your butt and getting out there.

Here are a few of my Race day tips  With you in spirit

Gail x

Race day nerves are absolutely normal and even I get butterflies, it’s all part of the flight or fight response,
What can we do to ease the nerves?
Steady the breathing, breath slow full and relax on exhalation.
During training you have done all the preparation you need if you have done the plan, be confident
Arrive in plenty of time to take in the atmosphere and adjust to it
Don’t drink excessive water at this stage, wait until you feel more relaxed and calm
Dont change any shoes, kit or eating habits prior to race day now, stick with what you know
Take a bin liner to put over you whilst waiting for the race as it could be wet or cold and you can just rip off and leave at the start
When the race starts don’t be tempted to run with the pace of people around you or you risk burning out too early, stay with your training pace and if after half way you feel uber good you can always slightly up it then.
Finally enjoy it,  if it’s your first time no records to be smashed it’s just simply another experience and in this life full of wonderful opportunities we need to get out our comfort zone and see if we find new interests and friends