Express SLAC Pop up groups.

  Every Monday 6.00  – 6.45 from  January 6th at Gail Abbey Fitness  Muckley Corner Lichfield.Staffs.. WS14 0bl.

SLAC pop up groups  are community weight management classes- for those who like a live weekly weigh in

During the class we will

  • Weigh, Measure and take Photo’s.
  • Present a 25 minute nutritional educational talk.
  • 24/7 Online support group, daily workouts,meal plans and recipes.
 A pop up group coming near you soon!
Join the group  online plan for initial £47 FOR 21 days. Get free access to a  Live pop up group near you.*
Stay For Longer – after initial 21 sign for £47 monthly VIP membership and we will continue to goal and maintenance.
SLAC Pop In 
SLAC meetings without online access. Live with your leader.
Joining fee  £25 and pay as you go £8.00 per meeting.
*SLAC pop up meetings will be at various locations throughout the UK. Join our mailing list for a list of dates and locations.

Step 1 Start up 3 days of prep info via files and video tutorials  to get you revved up and ready.

Step 2 You are off and away for the next 21 days with short video coaching with Gail

The 21 day programme it requires a time of approximately 10 mins each day to collect your daily info,

You can watch and rewatch any of the videos as many times as you like.

The programme can be repeated at any point and over 90% of users complete the programme more than once. The support from the group and Gail will keep you motivated through to a complete lifestyle change.

The resources contain delicious recipes, meal planners and Relaxation & meditation mp3

What’s so Special About The SLAC Program?

There are many diets out there offering a quick fix but could you stay on them for a lifetime without getting bored, tired, or suffering malnutrition

SLAC is about getting control back into your everyday life. Being able to make choices and without cravings and hunger.

Do I need to  Exercise?

There are many small video workouts  for you to choose from to achieve your results. Yoga, Hiit, Stability  Ball etc. Or you can take up the move it and lose it walking plan

How  is this  programme so effective?

The advice is there 24/7 if you need help. There is no calorie counting or special extra foods at your cost. Its fun and informative and will change your lifestyle for the better.

More Groups are appearing in your area soon
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