Eat Clean,Lose Belly Fat

Eat Clean,Lose Belly Fat

Wondering why you can’t shift the belly fat ?

There are many people who feel stressed out. It’s the crazy, fast, chaotic world we live in. We run out of day before we hit the bottom of our to do list.Don’t we?

All that stress affects your body. Adrenaline and cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormones put out by your adrenal glands, were originally designed to give you the extra oomph you needed to evade death by saber-toothed tiger,in modern life, the stress caused by outrunning big, toothy animals has been replaced with the constant daily hassles you face — like sitting in traffic!

However, whether it’s a tiger or traffic, your body still responds with a fight-or-flight response, which spikes your hormones and keeps them spiked.

Our modern, deadline-a-day lifestyle overtaxes our adrenal glands, which ends up overproducing cortisol. When cortisol is constantly pumped out, it can blunt estrogen and progesterone production and bring on those menopause symptoms.

It is becoming more widely known that elevated cortisol has huge effects on our overall health — cortisol will rev you up and make it nearly impossible to sleep, and it can put you at risk for a heart attack. An overabundance of cortisol also boosts your insulin levels, which can contribute to you to packing on the pounds, causing belly fat storage.

What can be done to prevent this?.

Request a cortisol test. A simple blood test is all you need to see if your levels are within normal ranges..

Balance your hormones— perhaps an age-related decline of estrogen and progesterone are responsible for your heightened cortisol. If your blood tests show that either of these hormones is low, consider eating hormone boosting foods to bring your cortisol into balance.

Change your diet. Processed foods cause stress on the digestive system, we show you how to reduce that and get your metabolism fired back up. Like a well oiled engine.

Early to bed On SLAC- I reccomend that you start going to bed at a set time every night. Create some good sleep habits, The avaerage sleep requirement is seven to eight hours of sleep to fully regenerate;
Also, try to lower your cortisol levels, try some meditation and Yoga to keep you in balance.
On the SLAC plan we talk about rewards being in the form of massage, a walk in the park and many other simple things that are low cost.
We help you to create a stress management plan.