Over the 25 plus years of working in the industry of wellness &
with 100’s of clients changing their lifestyle’s and understanding the health benefits of eating clean, it has been challenging at times but a real joy to see clients achieve their results and hear their comments as to how they can’t believe they have regained the body of their youth!

I am going to share with you my top 10 tips of fat loss.

1: Have you tried fasting?

Fasting is not for all. Some love it and it sits very well with their lifestyle and others it simply is not for them.

The choices are yours.

Research shows that fasting for 17 – 22 hours from your

evening meal until your next meal, really allows the body

to dig into the fat stores & gives the digestive system a break.

E.g: You ate Wednesday night at 6pm your next meal will be

11 am on Thursday. This will be the meal you break your fast with.

2: Dairy for some has been proven very difficult to digest and many have certain side effects when eating dairy such as Increase of catahrr, feeling sluggish, increase of asthma or breathing issues and belatedness with or without pain. Constipation.

Maybe dairy is not for you? The fear of eliminating dairy is often that there won ‘t be enough calcium in the diet. You can get adequate nutrition from greens so be sure to try and and eat green veg at every meal.

You will get plenty of calcium & fantastic nutrients

providing you load up on veg.

3: Counting calories/points is NOT essential for fat/weight loss.

However it is still proven to be one of the best ways of reaching your goals.

If you don’t track it , it’s guesswork and when you do achieve your goal you won’t have any accounts to show how you did it or to refer back to.

So whilst you can do it just by being sure to stay to a stricter list of foods, eating smaller portions and increasing your ADL’S (active daily living) Its still wise to record your foods and your exercise activity.

Balancing your hormones IS crucial. Stabilising

cortisol & insulin levels is important and would have an energy high/slump if they were unbalanced. This would have an effect on weight loss because if no energy to move then there would be much less of a calorie burn.

4: Drink loads of water,

up to 3 litres.

It flushes any waste through the system. Constipated? Drink water, Feel breathless more than usual ( no other adverse health issues) Drink water!

Feel tired and lethargic? Drink water! Again if you are hydration compromised you will not burn as many calories because you won’t move as effectively.

Try to drink filtered water.

5: Carbs are NOT the enemy.

Choose great carbs such as:

Sweet potatoes, brown rice, root vegetables.

Eat small amounts & time these to be consumed

right after training for great recovery.

6: Do not rely on Scales alone. Or if you are tracking via a food app your meals ditch them totally! I ditched my scales four years ago and when I now go for an annual health check my nurse always informs me that my body composition & weight is much better!

Track foods , or take photos.

Use tape measures. Or just find a dress /pants you love to wear and use that as your guide. Frequently people are de motivated by scales but as I say we are all different!

7:Don’t think that breakfast needs to come out of a box. Listen to what you want in the mornings, maybe you wan t a more substantial meal so an omelette or salmon salad may be a  better option for you than porridge or yoghurt the lighter options.

Don’t fall into the stereotype breakfast ideas.

8: Eat meals to suit your body. Some people feel great fasting, some on five small meals a day.Others three meals and no snacking. Find out what works for youMore meals doesn’t mean more food, it. ay just mean smaller meal sizes but better energy through the day for you.

9.Cut down on your daily toxins or eliminate them.Try to ‘eat clean’ this means unprocessed foods. When you eat whole natural foods you will feel fuller, the body will be nutritionally satiated and you will have lots of energy. But don’t get so hung up on it that you  feel like you have failed if you have that biscotti with your cuppa after your walk!

10:Swap long cross trainer and cardio workouts for short HIIT training workouts and weight programmes.

10: Laugh, have fun, don’t be serious, enjoy your food,rest and play . Good endorphins should be released regularly to assist with fat loss.

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