In June 2023 we are once again (our 16th year!) flying off to the resort of Lindos Rhodes Greece to have the most wonderful time escaping from the real world and focusing on our guests having quality ‘me time.’ We have a super fun group of ladies already bubbling with excitement about this week.

If you haven’t ever been on one of our holidays then you maybe thinking its like the many other retreats that are around which go into a villa or hotel, stay in that hotel, eat, exercise and relax there. Whilst that may sound wonderful we feel that we have created a more dimensional retreat as we leave the apartments in the morning and head out to one of the local village beaches for our workouts & relaxation we then dine in a different restaurant for every meal. Mid week we have an awesome spa day where you can book treatments laze around the hydro pools and have a sumptuous buffet breakfast. We also offer a mid week excursion where after breakfast you have the option to go on the Rhodes City tour or take the afternoon off and just chill reading or having alternative fun!

Each day we go to a different beach where we spend the whole day and as it is situated in the village of Lindos you feel confident and safe to wander off alone or with on of the new friends you may have made to do some shopping, have a coffee or see one of the great historic monuments or museums, churches that the village offers.

If this sounds the perfect break for you and you would like a free consultation call drop us a message!


On a SoSpa Holiday everyone raves how wonderful the Greek foods that we eat are so I have made a few recipes that you can use maybe on those days you would like a little Mediterranean reminder!

Put all these together for a delicious pre holiday lunch with friends!

Greek Tzatziki
Greek Salad