It is becoming more widely known that there is only one way to lose weight and KEEP the weight OFF. that is to cut the processed and refined foodsAnd reduce portion size , the volume of food we eat and ditch trashy sugar drinks , those in disguise as ‘healthy ‘ and reduce alcohol intake .

Help fresh food what do I do with it?
On starting my So Lean and Clean Far Loss plan. One of the first questions when I give out the shopping list of fresh foods is how can I make it exciting and tasty?
Bearing in mind that all fresh herbs. Garlic .Selected oils and over …. Fresh foods are on the plan this has been a huge eye opened to how much actual thought we do put into preparing our foods. Again part of this is because of the fast busy lives we all have and also because we have got away from using fresh ingredients on a regular basis.
One of the reasons we are becoming an overweight society is that we are overloading our systems with processed foods. Cereals, sandwiches and ready meals are stressing our bodies and we need to stop and return to fresh.
After eating clean food for many years I taste all the different flavours in vegetables but for some it is all too bland just to look at a chicken breast on a plate and consider this satisfying their palate . So the first question is always what sauce can I put on it.
Again we are so fortunate to have all the labour and time saving appliances that cooking couldn’t be more simple or quick. However for some and that is me included after being in the catering and event industry in my former life it is a chore So again the reeducation of healthy eating has to be gradual and not take too much time or we will abandon it.
I prefer to batch cook in advance and freeze where possible or the days catch up and there is nothing in…
So really it is about planning in a big way. Here are my tips for transformation from processed to REAL food

1) take yourself of around the supermarket and check out the fresh foods available . The variety of veg, different cuts of meat. List fresh spices, combinations of herbs. Check no additives to anything so called ‘fresh’ but is in a pack or box. Once you have had a look you can just repeat order on the Internet.

2) take an afternoon to prepare several foods one sauce often fits all
Especially a tomato based one . You can prepare base ingredients and split to make a mediterranean sauce/ chilli/ curry.

3) As with everything the more you practice the better and faster you will become, so don’t give up and don’t try to be perfect on prep at the beginning. It will all become easier

4) if you are not keen on veg and fore some this really will change with new forming habits and creating different foods. Then try to hide them in foods. Eg put spinach in omelette or Liquidised some as a stock base for the sauce. Veg fills you up and stops cravings

5) become recipe aware, ask if you eat out what ingredients are in foods. A good restaurant will want to brag about their food. Or it may just come out of a pack too.
Take note of some recipes in the internet and You tube its easy now if you google your ingredients. Or put est Clean and a variety of E books will pop up. that doesn’t mean forcing yourself to watch Gino or Nigella
For hours on end… Unless you really don’t mind!

6) The big issue here with the natural food is that we need to take the time to re think our eating lifestyle and this takes effort. If you eat healthy natural foods it actually takes less effort in the long run as with addictive additives in processed foods you will want to eat more often to keep those bouncing insulin levels high . Pure foods and protein rich diets are more satisfying so therefore you are full for longer.
I have had clients say to me in the past I can’t fit the food thing in as well as the gym every night. Well the answer there is cut down your gym time, you don’t need every night and replace it that session with re education on what to do with natural foods as a healthy lean body is 70 per cent the right food and 30 per cent exercise .

The processed food issue being bad for you will never disappear and if we want to keep our weight under control then we need to change and make time and educate ourselves about real food