5 Benefits to Meditation:

1)The heart rate lowers. The cortisol in the body reduces as you focus on calming the breath. Serotonin—increases the “feel good” chemical to help regulate mood

Other brain chemicals that are positively effected are:

  • DHEA—boosts levels of this longevity hormone
  • GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid)—improves the calming effect of this major inhibitory transmitter in your central nervous system (CNS)
  • Endorphins—increases the “natural high” of this overall happiness neurotransmitter
  • Growth Hormone—elevates levels of this youth-preserving chemical that naturally declines with age
  • Melatonin—boosts this “sleep hormone” responsible for restful sleep and helps with mood regulation

2) Norwegian researchers studying brainwaves of people on a meditative state had theta brainwaves ( a gateway to learning, memory & intuition ) and alpha waves linked with creativity.
Tibetan monks were found to have gamma waves which are linked to a higher state of consciousness.

3)Meditation is proven to thicken the pre frontal cortex of the brain. This brain center manages higher order brain function, like increased awareness, concentration, and decision making. Changes in the brain show, with meditation, higher-order functions become stronger, while lower-order brain activities decrease.

4) Eight weeks of mindfulness-based therapy can improve mental health. This leads to things like relief from  anxiety.

Anxiety is a cognitive state that occurs when you’re unable to control your emotional state due to perceived threats.

Studies have shown that after an eight-week mindfulness course, participant MRI scans showed a reduction in the brain’s fight or flight centre ‘the amygdala’, associated with fear and emotion. The amygdala—a part of the brain that controls your body’s stress response during perceived danger—is a key biomarker of stress in your body.

5)Other studies show that experienced meditators in their 40’s & 50’s had the same amount of grey matter as that of someone in their 20’s or 30’s.The health of the frontal cortex was maintained in the higher age group.

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