‘One day I want to run a marathon’, ‘I would love to be able to run but was never any good at it at school so have no chance now’

2012 Is going to be a MASSIVE year for the UK and sport and If you have  ever had the thoughts above in your head then you are so going to be saying it out loud come July when you are watching the Olympics.

Well, we ourselves set our own limitations and now is the time for you to get up and have a go.

From January the 8th for 12 weeks I am going to run a BEGINNERS running course, this is also open to those who have been unable to run for some time due to lack of motivation,injury or those who wish to be stripped right back,forgetting all things they already know for the 12 weeks of my course.

Every body will start from a clean running card and follow my advice throughout the program. When the program is complete you will want to run faster,further and more often.

Q Will I be able to keep up?
A Yes, as I am pulling everyone back to a walk /run program to start and will be giving a running program out for all to follow at the slow pace I recommend. I am building strong foundations and after the course you can take the information and move to whatever level you wish.


Q Why are you holding people back if they can already run and what is the object of the program?
A Training many clients over the years I see that their running programs lack structure, progression,variation and all of this diminishes motivation, produces lethargic running and often incurs injury.

Runners who have reached great heights and become injured often forget or don’t want to go back to building foundations as they feel they will be  taking steps backwards. When really they have forgotten WHY they began running..for fitness,fun and relaxation.
I want to put back those key elements and take away the ‘self competetitive pressure’ to enjoy the scenery, company and freedom that walking/jogging/running allows.
New runners very quickly feel the runners high and forget that the legs,core need strengthening and flexibility, both by running and with a fitness program to compliment the sport.The eagerness to do too much speed and or distance without good foundations then also leads to injury, creates problems,leading to low self belief and eventually motivation wanes.

During the 12 weeks I will cover the following

*Technique and equipment
*Common injuries and why
*Programming and exercise to prevent injury
*Hill running
*Road Running
*Cross Country
*Picking up the distance
*Speed Interval sessions
*Q and A how is the training going
*A 5/10k Fun Run
*Fartlek training
*Take you from Run/Walk 3 mile to jogging 8 mile over 12 weeks

*The sessions will be 75 minutes. 8.45 am SUNDAYS. Meeting From Muckley Corner Lichfield WS14 0BL
Fee £36.00 for 4 weeks in Advance. Renewing for following 4 weeks.

Can You Do It – Yes You Can Move forward in 2012. Feel free to call to discuss any queries.
Gail 07818 492578 e mail [email protected]