As we enter the last week of January I can honestly say that it has been the best start ever for Gail Abbey Fitness. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my clients and from individual fat loss results of 10 lb’s in the first month to beginner runners who are participating on my running course already achieving running their first 3 miles in 3 weeks.

I have many other clients cracking ahead with  training for the London,Edinburgh, Paris marathon and Stafford half marathons backing the training up with strength and flexibility programs to maximise health.. The fun is just going to continue through the spring.

Yoga Intro and Level 1 started last week. Lynny, Clare and I have finally got together to record some resource dvd’s to accompany the Intro course. Take a look below to view some of the seated forward,twists and restorative postures we have been covering during the course.

The Beginners Running Course  launch has been AMAZING so many of you guys asking when I am going to run another. I have decided to kick off another shorter 8 week beginner course very soon. So mail me for details.

Don’t forget my April Detox Break in Rhodes (Check out under the SoSpa heading) if you are still trying to crack those bad habits it maybe just the thing you need.