Hi all I hope you are having a wonderful December. Just now 12 days away from Christmas. How are the stress levels?

I use to get uptight about Christmas but somehow I have desensitised to all the urgency and just kick back, lower my own uber high self expectations and just go with the flow!

Crazy isn’t it anything we seem to count down to just can send you into a frenzy!

The main worries of Christmas are:



Fear of letting people down

So as my dad used to say lets get it all into perspective.

I am posting some sound cloud Christmas tips to keep your fitness and health in check over the festive season and here is a little advice if your nerve are going off the richter scale!

Do you really need ALL the food on the list ?

Do you really need to spend THAT amount on people?

It is just ONE day, what you don’t manage to afford today you can make a budget and factor that dream child’s gift into the year plan. The best things in life are worth waiting a little bit longer for.

Over feeding everybody will just create stress after Christmas, stress to pay back credit cards, stress to get the weight off. Be lean (not mean) with eating, make some quality food not quantity.Then you will spend less time in those supermarket queues and more time with the family or at the gym staying in shape.

Get everybody involved in the jobs leading up to Christmas, project manage your day.Include the kids get them wrapping, send them off to get some gifts if they are old enough.They will then appreciate how much time all of this takes.