If you like to give a gift with a difference, then these Vagina weights are definitely it!
Kegel8 Exercise Cones £24.99
clinically proven to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with results in just weeks! Vaginal Cones were recently featured on C4’s Embarrassing Bodies and were rated top with a 60% improvement in pelvic strength. The Kegel8 Exercise Cones Pelvic Floor Toning System is designed for all women who need, or want a more effective method of strengthening their PC muscles quickly and easily. Kegel8 Exercise Cones has 3 toners of varying size and weight that allow effective progress to suit you, enabling you to choose the heavier toner as your pelvic floor exercises start to improve your control. Kegel8 Exercise Cones feature a unique indicator to tell you when you are exercising your PC muscles correctly. By strengthening your pelvic floor muscles you’ll help prevent pelvic weakness, bladder weakness and loss of intimate sensation. By using the Kegel8 Exercise Cones you can perform pelvic floor exercises easily and effectively in just minutes a day.
They come complete with a training plan!