Happy New Year all. Its Jan 1st today are you kicking off with a hangover! Well I hope you had a great time and are now looking forward to cleaning up your act.

Maybe its Personal Training you want which I operate from my studio in Lichfield or try some classes.
I have put together a new Fitness Class timetable for SoSpa Fitness Club and looking forward to hitting the fitness in the community from the 6th.
I have been loving the Yoga classes especially small group Yoga fitness and all on the autumn program wish to continue on the Thursday eve so I have added a new Monday evening class beginning on the 12th at 7pm. Still some places left so mail me if you are interested.Take a look under course bookings for details.

FAT LOSS- Never has a season its year round and my Online program continues today 1st and people are joining for the three months after the initial 21 days as they love the guidance support and most of all results of the program. Next 21 starts on 22nd Jan so if you are still eating and drinking through the leftovers then maybe this will be be the best time for you.
Below is an exercise from my Gforce program on Wednesday nights at Whittington Cricket Club. Have a go and kick start your core Fitness .

The Corkscrew
The Corkscrew offers a great challenge for shoulder stability and abdominal work as you rotate the legs opposite a still, calm upper body. It is an especially good exercise for the oblique stomach muscles.

Corkscrew becomes an advanced exercise, but it is a good one to build up to. The exercise instructions I give here are an intermediate version.

Your legs are going to make a half moon arc from center, to the side, dipping down in the middle, and then scoop up the other side returning to the start position. Let’s break this move down:

Lie on your back with your shoulders away from your ears and arms stretched out by your sides bend at the elbows, this helps to maintain some stability as you move through the exercise

Extend your legs and bend at the knee.Keep them together,hugging the midline of the body.

Before you begin the exercise, take a few deep breaths allowing your belly to deepen down toward your spine, and your spine to lengthen out along the mat. Your lower back will be on the mat. This is not a neutral spine exercise.
Inhale: Keeping your belly scooped in, use abdominal control to take your legs to the side. The legs stay together.

Make this a small move at first, keeping the hips on the mat. As you get stronger, let just the hips tip slightly with the move as shown. (Eventually this exercise takes the hips all the way off the mat.)

Your upper body will remain calm and stable. It does help to lightly press the backs of the arms on the mat.

The legs rotate down and move through a low center. Don’t take your legs so low that your lower back comes off the mat.

Your legs can be lower than what is pictured if you can do it without straining your low back or neck. Again, the upper body is still. This is all ab work when the knees reach the point where you can still keep the lower back on the mat then extend the legs here (optional this is an advanced move) or you may feel that the knees bent is working your stomach muscles enough.

As your legs begin to move to the other side of your arc, use your exhale to take them around and up. You should feel a strong deepening scoop of the lower belly as you bring your around and up to start position.

Do another arc in the other direction. Continue until you have done 3 to each side.

More exercises tomorrow working towards your New Year Workout.