Running the first 10k

On Sunday the 11th of March My Beginners Running Team completed their first 10k race after just 8 weeks of running.

I started the team off with a walk run program increasing the running time and decreasing the walk over a period of three weeks before we actually ran the whole 3 mile route. I have given the team ‘homework’ to do during the week as running will not safely progress without a good structured running plan. Week 4 we completed three miles and for the last four weeks have increased distance steadily to 5.1 miles prior to the race. I added in some terrain training to keep the legs challenged whilst keeping the distance low for a couple of weeks and that brought us to ‘race day’ which I thought would be a good experience as we were not going to be putting any extra speed in the legs at this stage of our young training program.

A perfect race day. The sun shining and a  buzz of  infectious energy, this is how the day panned out.

So many emotions ran through the group. Many didn’t sleep the evening before and nervous posts appeared on social media, Those who did sleep dreamt that they were late for the race and forgot to pick me up on the way!

Kate running her first race

On arriving all were responding to pre race nerves differently. Some were seriously anxious  and quiet.One other was bouncing around and fidgeting, jacket on jacket off and  struck with emotion at seeing the courage of the entrants who were  disabled. Another of the  guys who had been recovering from injury and had run races before was filling us in on info about the route and appeared as cool as a cucumber. Then there was the reassuring one for others and just kept advising that  all would be ok. Finally there was the  big beaming smiling character with eyes wide  in the excitement of it all.”Im excited but nervous”, she bubbled.

I felt  like the Mother with all the brood.When running for myself I usually go quiet trying to reserve any emotion and save all nervous energy for the race.Now in this race, responsible for my brood, I was relaxed and confident that all would get through.

The race began and off we set with no time goal in mind..One of the team was overcome with emotion ( I remember crying at the start of my first race), Another going into anxiety attack and  looking like she was coming to the end of the run and it was the beginning. All of us set off , laughter ,tears,calm,giggles, huff puff,

Three minutes in and small hits of competitiveness started to leak through. “I want to do it in under 75 mins and lets try and overtake those in front… yeah lets”!

All ran on, although a tight calf muscle caused a struggle the first half but eased  as the halfway point passed  and the SoSpa team  settled in to enjoy the rural flat course on this gorgeous spring  morning. The weather took all by surprise.

My team sailed in,I have to say with ease, ranging from 64 to 73 mins  for their first Race. Fradley 10k March 11 2012. From 0 to 10k in 8 weeks  with a carefully structured weekly training plan great things can be achieved.

Proud and all elated well done kids xx


New Dates for the Beginner Start up 4 week and the Intermediate 8 week running courses soon to be confirmed. If you have a passion to run without pressure. Come and join our group.

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Gail x

First running race after just 8 weeks of running with