The Powerful lunge

A question I get asked lots is what exercise can I do to tighten and lift my butt and tone the inside of my legs?
Whilst watching my client today do static lunges I felt that this fabulous exercise needed a spotlight today.
I always include them in a workout for a few reasons;

a) because they give you a bootiful butt like no other, shapely and strong legs and b) they switch on those lazy glutes and increase the calorie burn.

I also wanted to spotlight them as many people are doing them incorrectly using very poor technique and often creating knee issues.

The Position


My Favourite Exercise the Lunge


















The feet should be hip width apart, step forward and a 90/90 degree angle in both legs on the descent should find the right knee/toe alignment. If you are off balance check that you are not trying to stand with one foot behind the other like on a ‘tightrope’ for example. Place the feet in ‘tram line’ position instead.
The upper body from the waist should have an upright posture and many lean forward when performing this exercise when in fact if I ask people to lean back and put their weight into the back leg doing this enables you to squeeze the bottom and push up from the glute muscles (butt) and not rely on just the front quadricep (thigh) . When checking in the mirror often clients see that them leaning back has actually placed them in an upright straight position.
To make a change in your body shape don’t neglect this move.

Here is my favourite ‘lunge’ sketch by comedian John Bishop. Not for those offended by strong language.