We have seen AMAZING results on this plan and here are just a few comments from our results day on Day 14.

lost 3 & half pounds, half inch off bust, inch off waist, half inch off hips,1inch off right & left thigh, half inch off right & left arm, total inch loss this week 5 & half inches….yay..now if I can get 3lb off for next week that means in total i would of lost 2 stone in 6 weeks :

Lost 3.5lb and another 3″ overall. I’m going to step it up this week with more exercise, cold showers and cutting out the avocados. My aim is 1 stone by day 21 so I have a hefty 4.5lb goal, good luck everyone

Lost 1 pound lightest ever! Waist -1/2 hips – 1 bust -1/2 arms and legs the same

Lost 4lbs this week – amazing , just loving the feeling and astounded at the weight loss – thank u all for our support this week. Can’t quite believe these results! Xxxxx

HI! All the time  clients say to me “If I win the lottery I would have you every day for sessions and to stop me eating and tell me what to eat”

Well now I am making that happen! I have devised this on line program so that I can do exactly that. Never again will you get away from me  sitting on your shoulder!!

So for all my Clients who want extra help and any one out there that can’t fit Personal Training into their budget right now this is the closest thing to my SoSpa Intensive Fitness Holiday Detox breaks that enables me to do just that!

The power of the internet has enabled me to be YOUR Daily Coach. Read on to see how this  on line plan will fit into Your lifestyle.

Are you tired of struggling to find a foods and exercise to fit into your life. Have tried ON Line plans before but need more Personal Service, someone to tell you what to do on a daily basis?

Do you look at pics in magazines and search celeb diets to see how they have achieved a toned, lean body?

Do you long for more energy and run out of day time to get to the gym?

My Plan will guide you step by step over 21 days to achieve your Fat loss  and keep it off, feel superfit and have fun whilst doing it.
In Your Plan you will receive

Shopping Lists
Full On Line Support
Frequent support and motivation by me on advic throughout the day
A group support network
Video logs of 21 days of  My own fitness workouts and fast food demos like the one above.
At the end of the plan you will know how to maintain the RESULTS you have achieved in the 21 days.


What are you waiting for..all I ask from you is trust and commitment.

As it is an ON LINE FAT LOSS Lifestyle you need to be on or join Facebook to participate as all this is on an exclusive secret SO LEAN AND CLEAN FAT LOSS SUPPORT GROUP

Are you Ready For It? Sign up for 21 Days for just £57.00

To book on the group Make a Pay pal payment of £57.00 and the Group will open on Friday the 17th August when you will have access to all the So Lean and Clean Fat Loss and Fitness Lifestyle.




Great Fat Loss Results for March 2012

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Pre So Lean and Clean Fat Loss and Fitness Plan

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Day 21 Post So Lean and Clean Fat Loss Plan