Hello spring!

How exciting can working out be! Honestly there are so many things on offer right now, I have packages to suit all!

BUSY MOMS Maybe you are a time poor mom and don’t feel like heading out for a personal training session after the kids are in bed but would just love to dig deeper into your goals? Then think about the 30 minute express personal training packages, this are great to work with your energy levels left at the end of the day of lunch time whenever! A package to suit you during which we can still cover your nutrition plans whilst you go through your program. You are given a program to do in your own time to when away from me.

LADIES PERI/MENOPAUSAL & POST MENOPAUSE Let’s work according to those hormones and have a program that achieves results ,no, weight gain is not something that is guaranteed in this time! It can be prevented whilst also ticking all boxes that cover prevention of post menopausal muscle and bone loss, working day to day on hormonal fatigue possibilities and focusing on energising and uplifting mood giving you the oomph needed and optimising your wellness, during this time and onwards.The face to face 1hr flexible training sessions are excellent for this as somedays you need flexibility/ mobility, others a hiit session or a strength session, I work with your energy and mood to ensure you leave feeling great.

YOGA PACKAGES “One day I want to start yoga” a frequent request. So I have both online classes and offline face to face classes accessible at Sunnicot Retreat. Check the Workout Lounge page here for dates, times and how to book this. Yoga for all levels. The small group yoga is limited to 9 persons each session booking in advance is essential.

GRAVITY GTS TRAINING strength training on these wonderful machines, so versatile for hitting every muscle in the body with 100’s of combinations of workouts available. These sessions are 30 minutes or an hour, doubles ( I have two machines) or one to one. Message to book these sessions

GRAVITY PILATES Using the reformer system, perfect for beginners or advanced, working with the pulley system and lots of attachments.Pilates trains the body as an integrated whole, focusing on core, lower body, and upper body strength as well as flexibility and posture. Pilates workouts promote strength, balanced muscle development, flexibility, and increased range of motion for the joints

CONDITIONING CAMP A 45 minute class format that challenges the body with hand weights a deep focus on changing your shape, working with music. For all levels of fitness. See THE WORKOUT LOUNGE PAGE HERE TO ADVANCE BOOK ON YOUR CLASS Monday’s at 6.45pm

SO LEAN AND CLEAN ONLINE PLAN A 21 DAY PROGRAM to assist you in creating a routine in your life with your wellness goals. Access it whenever you wish on the Facebook support group. See the link here. Just £47.00 for 21 days.

SOSPA FITNESS AND FUN HOLIDAYS Come with us to Lindos Rhodes Greece for your fitness holiday, its all about YOU! Don’t we all need time out to really focus on our health goals, eating right, having fun, mixing with some likeminded people and making new friends, trying different exercise classes that make us laugh but also show us how to get results? See more on the SoSpa page here. Our next break is 7th- 14th June 2022. Come with us! We have repeat clients every year!

BESPOKE FITNESS HEN PARTIES AND CELEBRATIONS These events I have been doing in private sector and the corporate sector for over 20 years! They are now becoming extremely popular events. Have a consultation to arrange yours, I can provide some fitness gifts for your guests too, dream big and let me know your dreams I can make them come true!



2 x one on one 30 minutes personal training sessions per week package to help you find consistency and build up your energy, stamina and strength levels. 
Great for those who may have lost confidence in their abilities & want to go back to basics. £200.00 a month for 8 sessions.