I feel compelled to write this blog as  the amount of can’t sleep.com posts on twitter and facebook are astonishing!So lets take a look how we can get ourselves a good nights sleep.

Reasons that may be upsetting your sleep pattern are:

*Irregular sleep patterns over the holiday. Going to bed later,waking later.

*Drinking more alcohol over the weekend .- Alcohol disrupts the body’s natural rhythms so even though you may have started your detox your body is still not registering its normal pattern.

*Back to work- After a break from work your mind has just started to unwind and with all thoughts of goals and new targets you may be taking these thoughts to bed and the adrenalin is pumping to get action on them.

Sleep Action Plan
Exercise briskly,and make sure you finish at least four hours before bed time.

Eat a low Gi snack ,  a couple of slices of turkey. Beef, ham eggs, anchovies,Mixed seeds .
This stimulates the release of insulin , which can help an amino acid called trytophan to cross the blood brain barrier and create melatonin.A hormone that is massively important to maintain balanced sleep patterns.

Make sure you are eating magnesium- rich foods, bananas, dried apricots, avocados ,almonds,cashews and beans as insomnia can be a symptom of magnesium deficiency.

Drink Chamomile or passion flower tea which aids restful sleep.

Avoid caffeine and check for caffeine in any food/ drink you may be taking without knowing.

Establish a routine, bath,book ( no computer, phone or tv for at least an hour before sleep.) Light snack,

Good Luck, X