Race day coming up for my beginner runners.
I’m so excited about the race day, we have been training for 7 weeks and my guys are either complete beginners or returning to running after a long break or injury.
We started 7 weeks ago with a run walk program and I heldinfoemative workshops with them before we set off discussing, techniques,of injuries prevention nutrition just a few of our covered topics.
We steadily built up the distance to 5.1 and I have set the guys homework each week of two other runs to complete which is essential to do to put the strength in the legs before increasing distance.
We have ran a couple of cross country runs as I wanted the guys to see how diverse running can be and you can make every run different, visit places you have never been before and a side of nature only experienced during early morning running.
It has been my first running course and I have loved watching the guys grow in their running.
This week is race day and I know a few of them are having dreams about the day! ( not nightmares at least)
Race day nerves are absolutely normal and even I get butterflies, it’s all part of the flight or fight response.
What can we do to ease the nerves?

*Steady the breathing, breath slow full and relax on exhalation.
*During training you have done all the preparation you need if you have done the plan, be confident
*Arrive in plenty of time to take in the atmosphere and adjust to it
*Don’t drink excessive water at this stage, wait until you feel more relaxed and calm or you may become bloated or get stitch when you begin running.
*Don’t change any shoes, kit or eating habits prior to race day now, stick with what you know
*Take a bin liner to put over you whilst waiting for the race as it could be wet or cold and you can just rip off and leave at the start
*When the race starts don’t be tempted to run with the pace of people around you or you risk burning out too early, stay with your training pace and if after half way you feel uber good you can always slightly up it then.

*Finally enjoy it, it’s your first time no records to be smashed it’s just simply another experience and in this life full of wonderful opportunities we need to get out our comfort zone and see if we find new interests and friends
Good luck to my team I will be with you all the way. X

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