The NO 1 question?
Over the next few weeks I will be posting some tips on how to achieve a healthy, strong ripped stomach. Lose the Ab fat and cleanse internally

Sculpt Some Sexy Abs

The request for stomach toning exercises are in abundance with a first consultation and still many people think that basic crunches are what are needed to sort them out.
Its a myth that crunches alone are going to get rid of the body fat around the stomach and leave you with at least a svelte waistline and at best sexy sculpted abs.
To achieve fat loss around the belly requires work and commitment and removing sugar from the diet is one of the key points and for many one of the most difficult things to cut out of the diet. This often being because apart from the obvious sweets cakes chocolate and alcohol. Sugars are hidden in many processed foods cereals bread and the list goes on and on. Therefore nutritional knowledge is of paramount importance.
So apart from training for the beach body why else should we focus on training the abdominals?
Take a look below at a quick crash course of how the abdominals affect your body.
it helps to have a basic understanding of how your stomach muscles work. Whilst all your major abdominals generally work in sync during any abs routine they do have unique motions that they each specialize in. If you know these motions then you can attack the abs in many ways exercise wise.

Abdominal muscles fitness ripped

Fat to Flat Abs

Rectus Abdominis-Flexes your lumbar spine forward and to the right and to the left. To work it perform crunches on the stability ball/floor

Transverse Abdominis -Acts as a girdle around your middle to stabilise your core isometrically. Work with planks,Hill climbers,Pikes,Spiderman,Reverse curls

Internal and External Obliques -Work together to rotate your torso and perform side to side bends from the waist. To work these muscles perform Bicycles,crunches,side planks,KB windmills ,side bends.

Other than being on many people’s wish list great abs assist in speed and power .Strong abdominal muscles are essential for stabilising the lower spine and pelvis and I always go straight in on improving these muscles as they are the foundation for a super strong body. I hate to see clients been pushed into dynamic movements when the lower spine is obviously too weak to cope.

Less tummy fat also improves bad posture enabling a more upright position . In this life we are often seated far more now with very little attention to correct sitting postures and often this is taken out of our hands by the poor seating in our cars,offices,cinemas etc. Bad posture tightens the hip flexors and causes us to extend and arch our lower backs. Training our abs,losing belly fat can counter balance this.Working the muscles around the pelvis and lower spine is another key point for visible definition. e.g; stretching the hip flexors and activation of your glutes can make your abs look better.

I will be posting some great Ab tips over the next few weeks to help you achieve overall a sexier stronger and healthier tummy externally and Internally.
See you soon
Gail x