If you love a challenge and want to really improve your fitness, stamina, flexibility and power then True Grit is the plan for you.

The 30 day program includes micro daily workouts between 20-40 minutes long easy fro you to do wishing your own home or if you are on the move.

Equipment needed is dumbbells, kettlebells ( however dumbbells could be used instead ) a mat and a big dose of commitment from you.

This workout is designed to build your stamina over the 30 day program, gradually increasing the intensity.

Interval training allows you to beat the stress adaptation response, your body quickly gets used to the effort and stops improving, interval training will overcome that.

With the 30 day video plan also comes a recipe e book for you to download and nutrition guide. True Grit begins March 14th 2022! Ready for a real spring shake up! You will find the workouts on the workout lounge click here THE WORKOUT LOUNGE