WOW, Mad January just got madder!

What a great start to the year though, everyone motivated to push on with goals. Fat loss going well with clean eating 6lb, 5lb, 4lb big losses in week 1 and many with smaller targets dropping 1 and 2 lbs all looking good.

The running course has today completed week 2 and it was great to hear the newbies saying how already by following the running plans they were feeling benefits and running was becoming easier making them want to even run for longer!

Tomorrow sees the start of the new Intro and level 1 Yoga courses, which is why I am on here late Sunday pm preparing for another fun fitness week and trying to edit the Yoga dvd to go with the course. Me who used to be a techno phobe if I can do it anyone can!

Once they are up and running I am pushing forward on my on line fat loss and training courses . which I hope to be ready to go February.

Also sourcing a venue for a spring time fitness weekend retreat in the UK. It’s all so exciting!

Have a fab fun week and  why not break the mould this week and have a go at something new.

See you soon

Gail x