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NEW So Lean And Clean 5 & 7 Day Food Hampers

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Welcome to our exciting So Lean & Clean plan.

Its not a diet , its a lifestyle……

Wether your goal is weight/fat loss or maintenance So Lean And Clean is for you.

This has been three years in the creating as it was essential for SLAC foods to have all the taste and nutrients to keep clients nourished and interested to fulfil their goals.

Meals are completely clean, no additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers etc. Just ready for you to reheat & eat.

You can order 5 or 7 day hampers for just £11 per day plus £4 local Lichfield delivery (5 miles radius, a surcharge for extra distance )
See our brochure links for info on our hampers.

Meat & Fish



No Fish Just Meat


Vegetarian Option


See the link below to place your order

SLAC Meal Plan

All plans are 3 meals two snacks.

Our new website for you to order all online will be ready in January.

Below are a few pictures and comments from our clients.

Full online support facebook forum.


We deliver to your door on Sundays

The next delivery date is Sunday 4TH DECEMBER 2016 and every Sunday after.

“Brilliant endeavour. Gorgeous So Lean and Clean food today. Porridge, snack almonds, 5 bean Mexican soup, then pulled beef sweet potato mash, peas and onion gravy- flipping gorgeous. Also done a work out in hotel room and about to have my treat Naked bar.
First class Gail Abbey thank you 

“Third day of our #soleanandclean healthy eating plan
Fruit Granola, soya milk, with a glass of filtered water and ice.
I’ve never felt so full and energised whilst dieting before.
How are you all getting on?

‘Well weighed myself today after 2 days and lost 5 pound! So happy So lean and clean plan is definitely worth it and exercising everyday!! Bring on day 3 x’

NEW Classes Minster Hall Lichfield

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New Autumn Class Timetable with Elias at Minster Hall Lichfield


NEW! So Lean & Clean Mediterranean Diet

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h1>NEW! So Lean And Clean Mediterranean

So Lean and Clean is A Personalised Weight Loss Program


Join us £47 for 28 Days
£99.00 for 6 months

£150.00 12 Months


SLAC Offers a  daily meal plan and a workout program to keep you on track and maximizing your weight loss every day!

Step 1 Start up 3 days of prep info via files and video tutorials to get you revved up and ready.

Step 2 You are off and away for the next 21 days with short video coaching with Gail

The 21 day programme it requires a time of approximately 10 mins each day to collect your daily info,

You can watch and rewatch any of the videos as many times as you like.

The programme can be repeated at any point and over 90% of users complete the programme more than once. The support from the group and Gail will keep you motivated through to a complete lifestyle change.

The resources contain delicious recipes, meal planners and Relaxation & meditation mp3

What’s so Special About The SLAC Program?

There are many diets out there offering a quick fix but could you stay on them for a lifetime without getting bored, tired, or suffering malnutrition

SLAC is about getting control back into your everyday life. Being able to make choices and without cravings and hunger. No extra hidden costs or supplements.

Do I need to Exercise?

There are many small video workouts for you to choose from to achieve your results. Yoga, Hiit, Stability Ball etc. Or you can take up the move it and lose it walking plan

How is this programme so effective?

The advice is there 24/7 if you need help. There is no calorie counting or special extra foods at your cost. Its fun and informative and will change your lifestyle for the better.

Daily Instructions on what foods to eat.
Extensive Shopping List for start up and what foods to add in as you move forward with your lifestyle.
Daily Videos to support your personal goal ie YOGA , STABILITY BALL, KETTLEBELLS, etc.
Cardio Programmes
24/7 support from your on line personal trainer.
VIP Member Forum
Special discounts for ongoing members
Daily Recipes
Access to all Audio & visual resources ie relaxation tapes and motivational videos
Membership to SoSpa and invitation to events

Take a look at Day 2 Hiit Workout with The SoSpa Team

Day 2 Motivational Instructions.. What is YOUR motivation?


Reviews : So, Lean and Clean

“When I started this plan I was wearing a (stretchy) size 20 trouser, have just had to return some size 18’s as they were too big and the 16’s aren’t tight, in fact have also bought a pair of size 14 leggings! Sooo exciting”

“Gail Abbey I decided to stay on because I know I’ll lapse otherwise and the support on here is desperately needed. Whenever you’re having a bad day it’s like having your own private therapists and a confessional priest all built into one”

“Gail Abbey I’ve gotta say, if someone had told me 6 weeks ago that i would be eating fish and enjoying it(unless it was from the chip shop)i would have thought they had gone mad! Can’t believe how i have changed, especially having fish for breakfast!! It’s amazing!!!”

“Gail Abbey Great results. Love being part of this, everyone is so supportive, i”ve been to lots of slimming groups an have felt quite the outsider, but this is ace! Xxx “



Summer Ends With SoSpa September Fitness & Fun Holiday

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Another successful week with guests on our September 2016 Fitness Holiday …. What an amazing year for SoSpa …

Here are some of the reviews and pics …


I have just completed my second Sospa holiday and once again it was brilliant . The holiday was expertly planned and and met all of my needs .
It was great fun and I had a personalised programme which meant that I met all of my fitness and weight loss targets whilst having a lovely holiday .
Thank you Gail and Elias for all of your hard work to make it all seem effortless and seamless . No mean feat xx Gill Rice 2016


Fantastic holiday with Gail supported by Elias. You get the sun, great food from their local contacts, chance for relaxation then bursts of activity that are fun to do and get you active without realising it. Both times I went I came back totally refreshed and feeling fitter. Pam Wilde 2016

What A fantastic June 2016 SoSpa Fitness & Fun Holiday !

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I can’t describe what fun the June Ftness Holiday was and I can’t believe where the summer went can you !

Here are just a few of the reviews and the pictures from our wonderful week !

I have not long returned from my first (but not the last!) So Spa fitness holiday, and just wanted to say that it was a very wonderful experience, one that I would whole-heartedly recommend as it is such a multi-faceted (proper fully inclusive!) personal reset that almost every girl I know would benefit from. Super results and not just physical, along with fun, sun, much laughter and relaxation too. I tend to value results/progress as a general principle and have done a number of fitness holidays/boot camp type holidays but they don’t compare. I’m home now lighter, brighter, toned and feeling great!. Many inches and pounds lost, and since my return further inches and pounds have peeled off with great ease due to the ‘inside’ training – having eaten so healthily and deliciously too. Thank you So Spa team! Jacqui Lennon June 2016

Carter The Brave Charity Fitness Event

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Thanks to all who attended our SoSpa August event to raise funds for Carter The Brave, please see the link below if you wish to donate . On the day we raised £300 for the charity .

It was a fun day and the weather was perfect , take a lok at the pics below and if you wish to be informed about our forthcoming events then add your name to the sign up box for all info .

img_2175 img_2972 img_2170img_3031 13962721_10154522703047249_8245581786628895564_n img_2996

SoSpa August Fitness & Fun Charity Event – Carter The Brave

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Join us on Sunday August 7th 9 am – 1 pm At Gail Abbey Fitness Muckley Corner for this fun fitness event

Its back for the third year. Time to give your fitness a summer boost!
3 fun Fitness classes yet to be announced to kick start your beach fit / summer goals.
Refreshment breaks to ask the SoSpa team advice about any fitness queries you have .
Wrapped up with a healthy So Lean and Clean Lunch included with 7 days access to the SLAC online plan for just £30 Pay via the paypal link below bookings via Gail Abbey for this event .

Boost your metabolism , have a fun morning , meet friends AND MOST IMPORTANTLY . ALL FUNDS WILL GO TO

About Carter (taken from his blog above and written by Lucy his mom )

Carter is an outgoing, confident and sociable little boy who always does what he’s told and is genuinely never naughty! Carter is popular with his school friends and his teachers, who say ‘Carter is a happy, bright and chatty little boy who is always keen to talk. He has a caring nature and a sense of injustice so will always try hard to resolve conflicts.’

Full of energy and happiness from the minute he wakes up, he really enjoys horse riding, swimming, soccatots, riding his bike, crab fishing, driving the boat and playing on our favourite beach in the world – North Sands Beach, Salcombe. Carter is also an avid fan of Spiderman, Batman, Paw Patrol and Scooby Doo! But his most favourite thing is probably running – he is so fast that he won ALL 3 races in his school sports day last July!

Carter is a brilliant little brother to his sister Monica and happily allows her to boss him about, dress him up, put make up on him (!) and make him participate in dance marathons! Just such a sweet natured, gentle little boy…

We all work so hard for our children to be happy, fulfilled and enjoy care free lives so it really is every parent’s worst nightmare to be sat down and told that their child is seriously ill. On the 11th January this year we received the devestating diagnosis that our gorgeous little boy Carter has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and the road ahead is 6-9 months of intensive treatment followed by 3 years of maintenance treatment. Suddenly your whole life stops in its tracks. However, with the amazing work of the Oncology Consultants and nurses of Birmingham Childrens Hospital, his prognosis is very good at 90% success and this is all we focus on…

During these events we will train you just like we do on our fitness holidays ( although we miss out the aqua ! )

There will be a welcome chat and then an itinerary of classes and clean food refreshments, a chance to discuss your fitness and nutrition needs with the trainers and any goals you may have heading towards the end of 2015 and new year.

An event like this is great for your motivation and mind set. You will feel ready to take on the world!!

All levels of fitness welcome .

Price just £30 including refreshments . Bookings in advance to reserve your place please. Spaces are limited to 25 persons

They are so much fun , don’t miss it . We love these events. “Feel like I have had a real treat” Is the reaction from participants!

Pay via the paypal link below to reserve your place .

SoSpa Fitness & Fun Holidays 2016

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Well we have returned fresh from our June Fitness holiday to Lindos .

A group of us trained three sessions a day in Lindos Rhodes Greece and it was a huge success once again.

Here are some comments and pics , I will be sending out an e mail this week with all the results we achieved .

Sign up to receive our mail and we will keep you posted on our future events.

The following dates are coming up for our SoSpa Fitness & Fun Holidays

Wednesday September 21st– 28th September 2016 7 nights
Wednesday 5th October -12th October 7 nights
price £2050.00 p/p


How To Feel Beach Ready

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Are some of you are thinking about putting in preparations for ‘The Beach body?’


Beach Body Fit

Beach Body Ready

Hey so what.. we are not looking or feeling like a supermodel yet. and yes there is always going to be someone sitting by that we admire their shapely legs, flat tum whatever.

We are what we are after trying to follow a healthy and fun lifestyle so enjoy that holiday.

I have made a list of just seven things you can do to feel nice on the beach leading up to that well hard worked for /earned much needed holiday.

1) I know I have banged on about it before and you should have been doing it all along… DRINK LOTS OF WATER.If you struggle to drink the required average 2 litres then try replacing your hot drinks with hot water and a slice of lemon. This can help speed up a sluggish digestive system, eliminate toxins, clean internal waste and give you more energy and the big one..a flatter tum!

2) Practice your posture. Good posture makes you appear taller and slimmer. Focus especially on sitting posture . Correct sitting helps the digestive system and reduces the chances of becoming bloated. You will also be keeping the tummy and back strong after those weeks of fab abs workouts

3) Find a good healthy eating plan and ditch the Caffeine,Refined foods, Processed and alcohol …they will all sabotage fat loss.

4) Ditch the foods that retain water, grains like bread,rice,pasta,cakes and biscuits. These foods tend to hold water in the gut. Being an IBS sufferer for years and learning to control it by not eating my trigger foods which for me one being not eating fruit after a meal. keeping food diaries you can see what maybe your bloated trigger foods.

5) Workout wind up. So you are busy packing for the family, no time to fit that workout in? Wrong.. If you have trainers get them on and do 15 mins of power walk intervals the road.

/jog or sprint intervals down to the end of the street and back or around the garden.. We can almost all of us find a 15 minute break twice in the day so be ready mentally and get down on a 15 minute mini circuit quickly moving from squats

6) If you do find yourself with a free hour for a class or personal training session, try an hour of Yoga, it will de stress you with all that last minute preparation lower your cortisol levels ,leave you feeling super toned and teach stress busting techniques you can easily use 10 minutes each morning whilst you are away to set you up for the day during your holiday.

7) Finally relax and enjoy. Worry and anxiety about how we shape up compared with the next supermodel on the beach is not what health and fitness is all about.Kick back, chill and you are far more likely to be more active than when you are focusing totally on being Elle Macpherson / Matthew Mconaughey . Get up play with those beach balls, walk along the sand and make a have arrived. xx

Happy Birthday So Lean And Clean !

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We are soon to celebrate the success of So Lean & Cleans 5th Birthday!
I can’t actually believe it has been operating for so long , with 100’s of clients changing their lifestyle’s and understanding the health benefits of eating clean, it has been challenging at times but a real joy to see clients achieve their results and hear their comments as to hao they can’t believe they have regained the body of their youth!
I am going to share with you my top 10 tips of fat loss ..

10 Top SLAC Tips Fat loss

1: Have you tried fasting?

Research shows that fasting for 17 – 22 hours from your

evening meal until your next meal, really allows the body

to dig into the fat stores & gives the digestive system a break.

E.g You ate Wednesday night at 6pm your next meal will be

11 am on Thursday. The meal you break your fast with.

2: Ditch the dairy and eat green veg at every meal

You will get plenty of calcium & fantastic nutrients

providing you load up on veg.

3: Counting calories/points is NOT essential for fat loss.

Balancing your hormones IS crucial. Stabilising

cortisol & insulin levels is key. Eat clean foods

that minimise the secretion of fat storing hormones.

4: Ditch ALL cereals

ALL contain hidden sugar.

ALL will keep your fat storing hormones doing overtime.

ALL will eventually lead to fat gain.

5: EGGS are Super fuel.

Keep boiled eggs in the fridge to eliminate any cravings, the body loves them and like magic take cravings away!

6: Drink loads of water ,

up to 3 litres

Tap water is not great for fat loss.

Use bottled or filtered.


7: Carbs are NOT the enemy.

Eat good carbs like

Sweet potatoes, brown rice, root vegetables.

Eat small amounts & time these to be consumed

right after training or earlier in the day.

8: Do not rely on Scales alone

Take weekly photos from all


Take your measurements & understand it really

is not about what the scales say with a Fatloss nutrition


You will continue to see your body fat reduce long after the scales have stopped showing a loss.

Aim for to a lunch style breakfast 3 x per week.

Cut down on your daily toxins or eliminate them

Quit snacking.

Limit fruit & eat more veg

9:Swap long cross trainer and cardio workouts for short HIIT training workouts and weight programmes

10: Laugh, have fun, don’t be serious, enjoy your food,rest and play . Good endorphins should be released regularly to assist with fat loss

If you would like any more help with your fat loss then jump on to So Lean and Clean online plan .

We roll again Monday with prep phase from Friday

See the link below